Homosexual "marriage"

How come the liberals/Democrats are so ardently in favor of leaving the question of same-sex "marriage" to the states, but are hysterically opposed to leaving the question of abortion -- or most anything else -- to the states?


Hypocrisy Meter:

Thought so.


Where Have All The Good Ones Gone?

Occasionally, we succumb to the siren song of television for something other than just news, commentary, and educational programming. The Digital Cable Free Preview Channel runs a variety of stuff they hope will cause the public to cough up some more dough, and some of it is actually worthwhile.

Last night was such an occasion. Apparently, they ran a few good oldies on "VH1 Classics". Some of it was actually worth listening to. Of course, most of it was junk. Which got us to thinking....

It's unfortunate that there's no one anymore who can hold a candle to some of the really great artists of yesteryear. Give us another Everly Brothers or Roy Orbison any day. It occurred to us that there have really not been a lot of really good female singers over the years.

True, there have been "stars", but a "star" is not necessarily a good singer. We think of women with great vocal range and expression. Such artists as Linda Ronstadt (an amazing repertoire), Olivia Newton-John (unbelieveable range) and Enya (an angelic voice if ever there was one) come to mind. Too bad that such luminaries as Britney and Christina waste what talent they have on cheap thrills.

Madonna was never much but a flash in the pan. Even the Spice Girls weren't much more than that, enjoyable as they were.

Carly Simon is a much better writer than singer, and but little by way of presence. Petula Clark and Stevie Nicks have lost their voices, as has Mary ("Peter, Paul &") Travers. Most of the kids one hears nowadays hardly even have a voice.

And what will the future bring?

Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone

... we had to put some strawberry jam on it. Finally got our Breadman 7220 last week and made a loaf of whole wheat bread Sunday evening. Far more satisfying that anything sold in the grocery stores. As long as we have electricity, we might never buy another loaf of bread again. The only change we'll make to the recipe is substituting honey for molasses.

We'll also have to make a loaf to send to the Cat Lady. Need to find out if a 2-pound loaf will fit into a #4 box.

And we'll have to find a way to take it along when we hit the road and do our vagabond thing again. Having no fixed abode really sucks, but... one does what one has to do. If the batteries in the laptop last long enough, we'll have to do a write-up for Neal Boortz on the life of the Urban Outdoorsman. Wolfman would probably like a loaf of our bread, as would Packrat. Bag Lady would probably like it too, but Smokey's Wife makes her own, so we won't worry about it.

At least this time, we'll have a couple of cameras along to document the trip. Too often, one looks back over one's life and says "Gee, if only I'd....", which is why we've said that anyone who says of his life "I have no regrets" hasn't really lived. But, the smart ones learn from experiences.

Great Come-back Line

Heard on "The O'Reilly Factor" last night: one viewer wrote in and said that anyone who didn't like Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" probably hated the book.

In that vein, someone needs to tell the Hollywood Hypocrites to take their own advice. If they think it's such a terrible movie, they don't have to go see it! (Of course, as Vox Day pointed out, the same people who say that "Passion" is too bloody didn't seem to object to "Natural Born Killers" or other similar movies.


"No Place" Like Home

Young as she is, Sarah (The Ruminator) nails is quite succinctly. Apparently, she's had her eyes opened at quite a young age. The real problem with hard-core socialists is that they refuse to believe that their utopian vision of a socialist workers' paradise is impossible. Like spoiled children, they insist on having their way, even if it means the destruction of all things good.

We take great delight in reminding these little brats that "utopia" does not mean "good place"; it means "no (such) place". A place that never was and never will be until The Grandmaster of All Grandmasters returns to right all wrongs and rule His world according to eternal laws of righteousness.

Meanwhile, the rest of us must work and watch and wait and pray for His return.

Can't happen too soon to suit us.


After the Stupor Bowl

Political joke of the week, courtesy of The Old Sarge:

After the Stupor Bowl, Pres. Bush called the Patriots to congratulate them.

Al Gore called the Panthers to tell them they had been robbed.

Bill Clinton called Janet Jackson.

The Other Neil Nails It

Neil Cavuto excoriates the "fools" (his word) who have not only been criticizing the low-carb Atkins diet, but also kicking him when he's permanently down. In terms of slander and libel, there should be a much higher standard regarding those who have passed on. Anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows that anything that ends in -ose is your mortal enemy.

Although it's true that Dr. Atkins died of heart failure brought on by cardiomyopathy, his condition was brought on not by his diet, but by a viral infection. Yes, he weighed 258 pounds when he died (at what height?), but 63 of those pounds were gained in the hospital, thanks mostly to the liquids given that pretty much force weight gain.

Shame on the "Physicians Committee for (Ir)Responsible Medicine for being such dishonest, craven cowards. They can't win on facts, so they cheat. Worse yet, they couldn't win when Dr. Atkins was alive, so they hope to "win" over his corpse.

What a bunch of ghouls....


More Stupidity

The Old Sarge reports that stupidity is alive and well in our nation's military. People keep calling his office to ask questions about upcoming activities. Problem is, they never ask the question. Hardly the best way to get answers.

Here's a tip for all the primitives who haven't a clue: if you call to ask a question and reach an automated system, ASK THE QUESTION!

Sometimes, the painfully obvious can be quite painful.


Why Bush?

Even a luminary like Neal Boortz seems to think that we should vote for W because of possible Supreme Court vacancies which he would be in a position to fill. And better W than some Dummycrat who would only appoint people who have to turn right to see Karl Marx.

We say: why? If W isn't acting like a conservative on other issues, what is there to make us think that he would appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court?

The Lunatic Left already has its litmus test for SC appointees, as well as for presidential nominees who would/could wind up in a position to do the appointing. And that is that said nominees are not permitted to use abortion as a litmus test. Hmmm... Does W have the guts to stand up to the Left and say "Here's my nominee, how about a simple up-or-down vote"? Not bloody likely, from the look of things.

So, if W won't act like the conservative (or at least, anti-Socialist) that the voters want him to be, why should anyone but the left vote for him? Because he's not as bad as the alternatives? Gee, what a great campaign slogan: "Vote for our guy; he ain't near as bad as the other fella".

God help America.


Maybe Janet Didn't Show Enough?

So here we all sit -- like the proverbial frog in the pot of cool water, with the flame of decadence being slowly turned up. Over the last 40 years, we've seen the enveloped being pushed and pushed until it's hardly recognizeable. Slowly but inexorably, we're being dragged down into the sewer.

Only an idiot would believe that what happened during Sunday's Stupor Bowl was unintentional and unforeseen. Believe that, and we've got some prime real estate in Florida and a bridge in Brooklyn we'd like to sell you.

But maybe it's too bad that Janet didn't just rip off the whole outfit (a la Britney) and bare all. Maybe that would have finally galvanized the American public to demand of public figures something resembling decorum. Not thru government action, but thru boycotts of sponsors and networks. As the late Sen. Everett Dirksen used to say, "When I feel the heat, I see the light".

As it is, the water only got a couple of degrees warmer, and in a few weeks everyone will have gotten used to it.