"Pro-choice" Indeed!

We never knew before that the American Center for Law and Justice had a TV program, but we happened across it while channel-surfing yesterday afternoon. The topic at hand was human reproduction and -- although we didn't really pay much attention to it -- it did spawn some interesting thoughts.

One of the comments that was made concerned the idea that a fetus was "just a clump of cells" (an argument oft used by the pro-abortion crowd to dehumanize the unborn). Although not directly mentioned on the show (at least, we didn't catch any mention) was the tired old saw that this "clump of cells" was recognizably 98% dolphin or whatever. Again, what the pro-abortion crowd refuses to acknowledge is that it's also 100% HUMAN! That "little clump of cells" will never grown to be a dolphin, or a dog, or a monkey, or a parakeet because the DNA is 100% human. That's all it can ever be.

Libertarians for Life has some great info on the medical aspects of reproduction, as well as abortion.

What the whole show got us to thinking was about how the "pro-choice" crowd is anything but. If they're really all that "pro-choice", why is it that they refuse to allow women to make an informed choice? As we've said before, without choice there is neither virtue nor vice; and the only real choice is an informed choice. Oh, they do throw a lot of "information" at pregnant women, but not only is it rife with their own propaganda and biased distortions, but it also steadfastly leaves out information that a lot of women who have had abortions say they wish they had known beforehand.

Another argument in favor of abortion revolves around the issue of whether or not a fetus is a "person". This, of course, leads us down the primrose path of philosophy. What constitutes a "person" is best left to the philosophers. However, that a fetus is human is medically undeniable. It is intriguing that the pro-abortion crowd insists on using the "person" argument and refuses to acknowledge the humanity issue.

With regard to the religious aspects of the debate, we won't even go there. Don't need to. Even non-religious people (persons?) who are intellectually honest will accept the medical arguments, if they're allowed to know them.



Bias? What Bias?

The inherent left-wing bias over at the History Channel is getting harder to ignore. Their latest "survey" asks the question: Is tax-subsidized oil exploration in the U.S. a solution to rising gas prices? As if nothing else in the U.S. is tax-subsidized...

They really can't afford our services as a consultant, but we really should point out that if they really wanted to run an objective survey, the should ask: "Is oil exploration in the U.S. a proper part of the solution to rising gas prices?".

Of course, an even better way to go about it would be a multiple-choice question asking "Which of the following would contribute best to lowering high gas prices?" and including such responses as building more refineries, lowering the tax on gasoline, mandating one nationwide blend (instead of the current 55 local blends), and drilling in the already approved Parcel 1002 in ANWR.

On second thought, we can't have people thinking for themselves in this country. Who knows what that could lead to?



Picking Up The Pace

The Old Sarge is overjoyed about the selection of Marine Gen. Peter Pace to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It's about time they got someone in there who'll kick ass and take names. Over the years I was in, I got real tired of all the whiny, sniveling little crybabies who were more concerned about everyone's "feelings" than getting the job done. Maybe this guy will hold everyone's feet to the fire and have one standard for everyone.

The Air Force is a bunch of sissies, the Army is a bunch of bumblebutts, and the Navy is so hidebound with their stupid traditions that they can't get anything done. None of them is anywhere near the fighting condition of the Marines.

It's high time the whole DoD got its act together. None of the other three services has managed to put anyone in that position who could get the job done. Maybe this guy can do it, starting at the top and working his way down. The best thing he could do would be to fire a few generals and admirals.

Wouldn't it be cool to see him leading them all in doing push-ups or running around the exterior of the Pentagon?

Pace is the first Marine ever to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.



No Wonder They Love Him

So Pack Rat got himself a temporary job working for the school system. Decent hours, not bad money, nice people to work with. And, given his work ethic, he's popular enough that they've encouraged him to apply for a permanent position. And no wonder. All the rest of the employees there belong to the union and have the same mindset: don't work any harder than you have to. Unfortunately, since the job doesn't pay much, he's keeping an eye out for something better.

Most likely, the same situation prevails with Bag Lady. She got herself a fairly decent job with the city -- which is also no doubt heavily unionized -- and immediately, her work ethic kicked in. None of this "That's not my department" stuff for her. She just jumped in, learned her job, and did her best. Last word was, she's quite popular there. At least, among her superiors. Her peers probably aren't quite so enthusiastic about the way she surely shows them up.

All of this reminds us of the story of a Navajo bricklayer from years ago. He could lay bricks faster and straighter than anyone going. Unfortunately, he was required to join the union, and the union had a rule that said you don't lay more than X bricks in a day. He didn't bother counting, he just kept laying bricks. Naturally, he was always in trouble with the union for "going over his quota". Last word was that he was unemployed and an alcoholic.

Too bad there are so many outfits that don't know how to encourage excellence.



It Isn't Real Money, Anyway

So some moron at Best Buy doesn't recognize a $2 bill and winds up calling the cops and having the customer arrested. It's bad enough that too many employees don't know their own company's stock, but to not recognize American currency is beyond the pale. What compounds the whole thing is that apparently no one recognized it for what it was.

Worse yet, the people in the Baltimore County police department weren't any better, and had to call in the Secret Service to verify the validity of the bills. Quoth Baltimore County police spokesman Bill Toohey "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world." Yeah, but do they have to be stupid?

We can only hope that Mike Bolesta sues Best Buy and wins big time. It would be a delicious irony if the court made them pay him in $2 bills.



Apparently, They Didn't Miss Him Very Much

The Drudge Report links to a story about a NY deliveryman stuck in an elevator for four days before being rescued.

We can't help but wonder what the people at the restaurant were thinking for four days when he didn't return.

You might want to check around your office and make sure everyone's there.