The Twelve Daze of Christmas

An excellent rendition from Res over at 704 Houser Street.

Quote Of The Week

...maybe even the month. From Galt-in-Da-Box over at Colonial Federation Network:
Sen. Mitch McConnell says the GOP needs to reevaluate itself, and do a better job of explaining its core beliefs to the American people.
That would be a step in the right direction, after reacquiring some core beliefs to explain. The Republican Party lost so badly in the last election because it didn't stand for anything...

Very well put.

Pat Buchanan said it best: "I didn't leave the Republican Party; the Republican Party left me."


Milblogs Go Silent

We're somewhat late to the game, but could not remain silent on this travesty.

It is unconscionable that those who are protecting the very freedoms the rest of us enjoy, are not themselves allowed to enjoy those same freedoms. So long as the MilBloggers do not betray operational secrets, they have a right to have their opinions heard. What exactly are the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon afraid of?

Col. Hackworth must be spinning in his grave.