Quote Of The Month

In among his usual erudite posts, every once in a while Vox Day gets off a real corker:
The curse of women is their eternal desire for control, coupled with a total aversion to responsibility.

Honorable mention goes to one of the commenters on Dr Helen's article at Pajamas Media:

"If I can never do anything right then your opinion is of no value to me."


Freudian Slip Of The Year

Who else but Neal Boortz could come up with something this good?

Obama is starting to talk about "taking" oil company profits away too. That line is a bit hit with economic ignoranuses.

Is that Neal's way of calling them "ignorant @$$holes"?


Vlad The Inhaler

What has Putin been smoking?

In a fashion typical with bullies everywhere, "Pooty-Poot" -- annoyed that the West is not taking him "seriously" -- is rattling his little plastic sabre and threatening.... an arms race???

With a $2.08 trillion economy, Russia is threatening the US ($13.86 trillion) and the EU ($14.44 trillion) with an arms race? Forget the Euro-peons for a moment; they don't have the guts for another confrontation. But the US? Been there, done that.

Uh, Vlad.... you might want to have a chat with a guy named Gorby. He'll set you straight on these things. (Does anyone know how to say "Never take a knife to a gunfight" in Russian?)

Somewhere, Ronald Reagan is laughing.

Remember When....

... America was a land of winners, not whiners?

... rugged individualists were admired, not despised?

... people said things like "Excuse me", "Please", and "Thank You"?

... the only regular intrusion into your life by the Federal government was when the mail got delivered?

... people were held responsible for their own actions, not the actions of others?

... minorities hadn't been invented yet?

... the majority ruled?

... people had convictions and not just opinions?

... real entertainment didn't come out of a box?

What happened?