Quote Of The Year

Trust Kim to earn this honor.

Last person I heard of who was completely immune to temptation ended up being executed by the State anyway.

The rest of his blog is also well worth reading.


Anti-Americanism 101

Let's see if we understand this correctly:

Columbia University -- which previously cancelled a planned appearance by the founder of the patriotic Minuteman Project -- invites head Iranian nutcase "Ding-Ding" Mahmoud Ahm-inna-jihad, and people are surprised by this? Really?

Anti-Americanism on an American college campus?

Who'da thunk?

Of course, the entire incident could have been avoided had Bush & Co. had the cajones to declare him persona non grata.

Yeah, like that could happen.

(By the by, does anyone else think this cretin looks a little too much like Yakov Smirnov? Maybe the whole country is being pranked.)


Like A Badge Of Honor

Oh, dear. It seems the totalitarian ChiComs don't much care for us. We've been blocked by The Great Firewall of China.

Hat tip to Lem over at Hillbilly White Trash for providing the link.


Let's Take A Quiz

(Hat tip to Vox Day for this one.)

Somehow, we have a rather perverse desire to be a fly on the wall as Miss Teen Whatever takes this quiz. Our own score of 52 out of 60 is not shabby, but we're still just a skosh disappointed. To be fair, there were some questions that were poorly worded, others that were rather obscure. But then, there were others that should have been wrapped up with a bow.


Who Do You Trust?

If you haven't been reading Kim du Toit, you really should. This piece is pretty representative. Now for our

Quote Of The Week:
Last person I heard of who was completely immune to temptation ended up being executed by the State anyway.

Amen. Never trust a government that doesn't trust you.


The Doctor Will See You.... NOW!

Comes now yet another story of left-wing lunacy from none other than hopeless Presidential candidate John "Breck Girl" Edwards (Dimwit, NC). Seems the ambulance chaser has decided that it's not enough to provide regular health care at someone else's expense, now he wants to provide preventive care as well. (How did this cretin ever get elected to the Senate? Did the voters in the Tarheel State get him confused with Liddy Dole?)

One of what should be the more obvious flaws in this scheme is the question -- raised by The Old Sarge right after the news broke -- of where this country will get enough doctors to provide preventive care to 300 million Americans.

Yeah, they never think of these things, do they? That seems to be the general problem with the left -- they appear to be unable or unwilling to think things thru to their logical conclusion.


The Problem With American "Education"

...is summed up nowhere better than here.

We don't mean to pile on (Heaven knows, the girl has been the butt of enough jokes), but maybe the best thing to happen to her is for her to serve as the poster child for the sorry state of "education" in America. If she has any operating brain cells left, she'll devote herself full-time to lobbying for meaningful improvement in schools.

(What's really scary is that she came in fourth in a field of 50.)