So, When Is It Appropriate?

Michael Brown, Head Idiot at FEMA, was bloviating at a press conference about the situation in Louisiana and paused to make some politically correct comments about the looting going on there. Instead of calling it what it actually is, he referred to it as "inappropriate behavior". (Apparently, to the PC crowd, nothing is criminal except hurting someone else's feelings.) His recommended course of action, of course, was to tell the criminals that such behavior "is not appropriate at this time".

There's an appropriate time for criminal behavior?

God help America.



Best Story of The Week

An obscure story, but just too good to pass up. Gives a whole new meaning to the expression "dirty book store".


Oh, Now She Wants Her Privacy!

That hopeless lunatic who's been camped near Pres. Bush's ranch near Crawford, TX (we won't mention her name) suddenly decides -- now that her mother has had a stroke and her family is gathering around -- that she wants her privacy. (Might there be some connection between her outrageous behavior and her mother's stroke?)

Sorry, lady -- in for a penny, in for a pound. How very convenient that your mother is ill, now that those few people in the media who don't have to turn right to see FDR are beginning to look into your background. Well, while you're off taking care of mama, the rest of us will be taking an uncomfortably close look at your life.

The one thing we'd like to know (and surely, others have thought of this) is: who's picking up the tab? From what we've been able to gather, MoveOn.org and Ben of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Yeah, real "mainstrem" folks, huh?



Bush Finally Grows A Pair

So... the Prez has finally made a recess appointment and is sending John Bolton to the UN. Good. Took him damn long enough. Too bad he didn't have this much nerve a long time ago.

Naturally, you can look for the Dummycrats to work themselves into a lather over this completely Constitutional move. They were really hoping that they could use the filibuster -- which is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution -- to stonewall the appointment into oblivion.