Public Service Announcement

Hat tip to Mike Adams for this. Let's hope Neal Boortz gets on board with it, too.


(Home)school's In Session

(Hat tip to Neal Boortz for this one.)

The way some people react to homeschooling, you have to wonder how we all managed to get educated before the gummint got mixed up in it. (Answer: quite well, TYVM.)


Survey Says....

One of the things we've been tracking lately is the plethora of "surveys" showing who's ahead and who's moving in which direction, politically speaking. As though such things had any bearing on reality.

The most laughable moment came when the junior Senator from NY "slipped" in the polls. Although it is just possible that some people are waking up and realizing just how evil that woman is, one discounts her at one's peril. This whole Kabuki theatre being staged by the "bi-factional ruling party"* is designed for the sole purpose of making it look like you have a choice, when the outcome was decided long ago. As one person pointed out: when you own both horses in a two-horse race, the outcome doesn't really matter. Make no mistake about it -- no matter who sits on the throne, the puppet masters never change.

This, of course, is in addition to the fact that we live in a bureaucracy. Your life is not under your control, it is in the hands of nameless, faceless, unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats who reign with caprice. Even the elected "leaders" have little influence over things. Ronald Reagan ran on a platform that included abolishing the Department of "Education", and that behemoth is larger, more costly, and more powerful than ever.

God help America.

(*Hat tip to Vox Day for that one.)

Merry Christmas?

We do hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. As for us, it was... different.

Over the years, we've lamented the secularization and commercialization of what should be one of the least materialistic times of the year. Even the churches haven't been able to resist including Santa Claus in the festivities.

Until this year.

Without going into specifics, it was quite refreshing to attend a Christmas celebration that was actually a Christmas celebration. No Santa Claus to be found anywhere. Very uplifting.

(To be fair, there was a church party for the kids a few days before and it did include SC. Then there was The Old Sarge's encounter with The Bearded One where he asked how much the old guy wanted for his "list of naughty girls". Some people are incorrigible.)

Our own absence from here was occasioned by a confluence of many factors, travel and some illness being among them. But things are back to some semblance of normalcy now.