Burn, Baby, Burn

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

We recall some years back when a bunch of Chicanos burned the American flag down on Civic Plaza in Albuquerque. Hardly a peep out of anyone about that. But just wait for the howls of outrage that will arise over this one.

Of course, we can't help but wonder what the reacion would have been had it been the American flag burned at that Arizona school. Sauce for the gander, anyone?

Note the Stupid Quote of The Week toward the end of the aricle: "We need to be educating them on what César Chávez was all about — he wasn’t a boxer,” she said.

True. He was a dedicated Communist.


Media Bias, Part 3904857349857

Quick.... what party does this guy belong to?

Hint: it's not identified until the fourth paragraph, and only one more time after that.

1,660 Days

The esteemed Neal Boortz quite properly laments the results of a poll indicating that more Americans are concerned about health care than about terrorist attacks. There is an old saying that "all politics is local", and this is just further proof of that maxim.

However, it is understandable in light of the fact that health care is a more immediate concern than a terrorist attack which will probably hit "somewhere else".

That notwithstanding, it might be of some help to everyone -- the Bush administration included -- to have an occasional reminder.

At many venues (e.g., construction sites), we've noticed signs that proclaim that it's been so many days since the last accident with injury. Some military installations even have a sign at the entrance, noting how many times since the last DUI involving a military member. (The troops usually get a "down day" after 60 or so days without a DUI.)

Perhaps it would be a good idea for those interested in fairness and balance to make periodic note of how many days it's been since the last terrorist attack (9/11) on U.S. soil.


More Hollyweirdness

So acclaimed international political expert actress Sharon Stone thinks that the junior Senaor from New Yawk is "too sexy" to win the presidency.

What the hell has she been smoking, and where can we get some?

Or is this another of those ploys designed to create exactly the opposite reaction one would expect?

Fortunately, a majority of Americans believe -- for now, anyway -- that the Lizard Queen is too dangerous to be trusted back in the White House. Subject to change, of course. YMMV.


Another Urban Legend?

You know the old saying: if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't. This story has "Urban Legend" written all over it, but we can't help but wonder if the technology is real.

Sure would be a great way to keep all the little juvenile delinquents off one's property, though.


The Plot Sickens

Every time we watch "60 Minutes", the one thing uppermost in our mind is "What are they not reporting?". It often seems that the most salient parts of reporting in the legacy media are the parts left out.

Case in point: in last Sunday's show, they featured a scientist who was on a tear about how the Bush Administration (and only the Bush Administration; no other administration has ever done this!) has been "censoring" research on "global warming". Admittedly, the reports were edited, but mostly to remove inflammatory language.

Of course, the point they did not make was that this same scientist "publicly endorsed Democrat John Kerry for president and received a $250,000 grant from the charitable foundation headed by Kerry's wife". (Read the full story.)

Nope, no media bias here.

Could it be that whatever global warming is happening is due to all the hot air coming out of New York and Hollywood?


Port Whine

Even though the facts are not all in -- and are not likely to be fully disclosed anytime soon -- there seems to be something for everyone to be dissatisfied with in the Dubai Ports World deal.

The ragheads in the UAE are whining because the deal is going south. The President is whining because someone finally woke up and realized what he was doing and called him on it. The Republicans are whining because the President has made them look bad. And the Democrats are whining because.... well, because they whine about everything when there's a Republican in the White House.

Turning port "security" (which is tenuous at best) over to a foreign entity is always dubious. In this particular case, it's downright idiotic.

The whole problem with the Middle East is that no one there believes in the rule of law. It's pretty much "every man for himself" and the Devil take the hindmost. There is a saying in the Middle East: "Me and my brother against my cousin; me and my cousin against a stranger". A worse case of "us versus them" could hardly be found, especially since the "us" and "them" change so quickly and unpredictably.

Where the President got the ridiculous notion that the UAE is our "ally" in the "Global War On Terror" is beyond our comprehension. Of all the cobbled-together "nations" in the region, only Israel even comes close to being an ally. In his book The Art Of War, Sun-Tsu reminds us that the first law of warfare is to know your adversary. It would also help to know one's allies, if there be any.

Biting The Hand That Feeds Them

More proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

This is what happens when committees get involved. If the committee is all that obsessed with "more progressive, avant-garde public art", there's a Chevy On A Stick down in Albuquerque that they'd be more than welcome to. The problem with having "art" selected by a committe is that it all too often results in a public eyesore more than true art.

Committees are a great way for everyone to be in charge without anyone being accountable. It would serve them right if Mr. Burke told them where to stick their "diversity" and relocated his team -- and the money they pump into the local economy -- elsewhere.


He Can't Be Any Worse

Fox News reports that the governor's race over in the Lone Star State is actually beginning to get interesting. We noticed Kinky Friedman on 60 Minutes a while back and thought he'd add some spice to the Texas political scene. Given the state of American politics in general, maybe they ought to elect him.

If they don't, maybe we could lure him over here to New Mexico. He'd definitely be better than ol' Smiley. (OK, that's not saying a whole lot, but...)


Have You Seen These?

Maybe Bane doesn't get out much.

OK, there are a number of things on that list we haven't seen either. But we did once ride on a (military) plane piloted by a woman. Rough landing, too. And we've known several female janitors. We've also talked to a female tech support rep, although it did about as much good as talking to a wall.

On the other hand, maybe Bane has a point.


The Three Phases Of Eve

Between caring for Ming the Merciless in the aftermath of his late-night encounter with who-knows-what, and tending to various other things we've let slide, there's barely been enough time to even read other blogs, let alone keep this one up. However....

One of the things that just never seems to go away is this hysterical insistence by all parties on getting their "rights" -- said "rights" being nowhere to be found in the Constitution. One of the foremost of these groups, of course, is the "feminists". If you haven't read Dr. Mike Adams' continuing saga of dealing with the loonier fringe of the movement, you've missed some great entertainment.

What strikes us as odd is that there are three distinct groups of women who call themselves "feminists". The first -- and most inocuous -- of these consists of those women who have a legitimate complaint concerning their treatment at the hands of society, and wish nothing more than to correct the injustice(s) done to them. With these, we have no grief. It was perhaps they to whom Rush Limbaugh was referring when he said that feminism got started as a way to allow unattractive women greater participation in society (not that these women are universally unattractive).

These good souls have no real gripe with men per se, they merely seek to level the playing field. Unfortunately, too many of them have been seduced by the siren song of socialism and look first to the government instead of themselves in finding ways to deal with the injustices they encounter.

The second group is more difficult to deal with. They don't really want equality, they want an advantage. Many of them do seem to have some grip with men, legitimate or otherwise. These are the ones who see a "sexist" slight in every turn of the cards. These are they who whine and pout until they get what they want, and then wonder why men don't like them. They're more than happy to use their sexuality to bargain for what they want, but woe betide the man who is willing to partake without fully reciprocating.

The last -- and worst -- group is the "feminazis". These are the shrill man-haters who are out to change human nature by force. Loreena Bobbit is their patron saint and abortion is their sacrament. They'll have their way or destroy the world trying. They seek no compromise and give no quarter. Not only have they sewn the seeds of their own destruction, they seek to make everyone else as miserable as they are. To them, happy homemakers are only happy because they're idiots. If the poor fools could only be enlightened, they too would join The Cause.

One of the great hallmarks of the extremist is the lack of a sense of humor. Not only do the humorless harpies of the movement's fringe have no sense of humor (their constant deriding of males notwithstanding), they will not tolerate it in others. Such sad, pathetic creatures. Like the dog in the manger, they are incapable of partaking of what lies before them, but they also refuse to allow others to enjoy life.


Another One Gone

In case you hadn't heard, Don Knotts recently passed away at the ripe old age of 81. Another great talent lost to us, and the world is a lesser place.

Unlike the "stars" of today, Knotts was a consummate professional. And a decent human being. His work with Tim Considine is still hysterically funny.

Somehow, the world isn't quite as funny as it used to be. Although we'd certainly like to be a fly on the wall as he tries to talk his way into Heaven. Not that he'd have to try very hard.

Malcolm In The Muddle

OK, so we don't care much for pop culture, which means that the TV doesn't get turned on much. However, PackRat brought this to our attention, and we thought it was worth commenting on. Apparently, an episode of "Malcolm In The Middle" a week or so ago involved the passing of Malcolm's grandfather and the somewhat conflicted feelings his father had about the incident. Apparently, father and grandfather were not very close.

The thing that a lot of people -- especially all the touchy-feely "New Age" types -- is that men are not all that complex emotionally. It is actually possible for a man to have an entire relationship with another person, without having any particularly strong emotions involved.

Moreover, men's relationships do not necessarily involve a lot of emotion -- at least, not complicated ones. For all the "figuring out" that women try to do with men, men are still very simple creatures. If someone dies, and the man was not all that close to the individual to begin with, it's not going to be terribly traumatic. No sense in trying to sort out a lot of nuance that just isn't there.