Hurricane Rita Forecast

Before the winds of Hurricane Rita have had a chance to abate, you can bet your bottom dollar that The Usual Suspects will be out denouncing the Bush Administration and yelling "racisim!". In accordance with their world view, of course, the lower level of death and destruction along the Texas Gulf Coast vis a vis New Orleans will be entirely due to the racist policies of the Bush Administration and have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with:

A) the fact that Texans are better prepared (due to their acceptance of responsibility for their own lives and welfare);

B) the higher level of preparedness on the part of the Republican administration of Texas; or

C) even FEMA getting its act marginally more together, due to lessons learned from the Hurricane Katrina experience.

No, this will be due entirely to the racist, bigoted policies of Bush and his rich cronies.

Coming soon to a press conference near you. You can count on it.



Ask A Stupid Question...

It's great to see such an erudite mind as Dr. Mike Adams agreeing with us that yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

And, as a little bonus, he shows what a dangerous combination stupdidity plus arrogance is.



The Three Racist Stooges

It seems that the good rabbi is a good deal more Christian than some people who go by the title of "Reverend". (Not that we've cleared up just who "ordained" Jesse Jackson, who seems to have appropriated the honorific out of thin air.)

Instead of trying to fish a mote out of White America's eye, the Three Racist Stooges should work on getting the beam out of their own eyes. What's particularly galling is that, while non-Black Americans are opening their homes, wallets, and hearts to the victims of Katrina -- without regard for ethnicity -- these three and the limousine liberals who support them can find no more useful pursuit than to stir up trouble.

As an interesting side note, the Jews have an expression ("Olam") which refers to a "righteous Gentile"; i.e. a Gentile who lives according to Jewish morality. Perhaps it wouldn't be too far out of line to refer to Rabbi Aryeh Spero as an "honorary Christian".


Maybe He'll Grow Up To Be President

This young lad showed more leadership than all the politicians in the State of Louisiana put together.

Burn that image into your memory for the next time you hear politicians blathering about how they couldn't help it when things went wrong.


The Perfect Storm

Nowhere is the abysmal failure of American liberalism more in evidence than down in The Big Sleazy. The combination of incompetence at all levels of government, a lack of accountability, unpreparedness on the part of almost everyone, and a refusal to allow people to defend themselves, all came together in the most horrifying way.

Not that there weren't bright spots. Displaced persons were being offered shelter as far away as Utah. Neighbor helped neighbor. One young man even risked jail time by commandeering a school bus to evacuate people. (Perhaps the photo of all those unused school buses could serve as the ideal symbol of all that went wrong.)

The hysterical hoplophobes who have been trying for decades to gut the Second Amendment will probably still not see the folly of their ways. With decent citizes were disarmed before being allowed into the Stupid Superdome, the criminal element had free reign. (And while we're on the subject, why do the police or National Guard need special permission to shoot looters? Anyone should be allowed to do that.)


Speaking Of Inappropriate Behavior....

Yesterday, we got spammed eleven times! by some mindless @$$hole who got the idea that our blog would be a good place to peddle his or her snake oil.

Although we do welcome comments -- preferably intelligent ones -- this is not the For Sale section of your local thrift shop. Accordingly, we've turned on the Word Confirmation feature in order to put a stop to that sort of thing. Sorry for the inconvenience, but one must do what one must do.

In keeping with our philosophy of shooting looters, we'd also subscribe to the idea that spammers should be publicly executed. That should put a stop to that.