The Panama Syndrome

(It's been way too long, and we really should have been keeping this up.  Not being able to afford Internet access has certainly been a part of it, but we really do need to make more of an effort to record the events of the day.)

A few days ago, Mr. Chips was remarking about how -- all scandals to the contrary notwithstanding -- there were still far too many idiots voters were all too willing to vote for Herself based on nothing more than her gender.  Apparently, they've learned nothing from the last seven years. 

In the midst of this, The Old Sarge spoke up and reminded those assembled of what we had said about Milquetoast Romney during the 2012 "election" cycle.  There was any number of good little "Mormons" who were voting for Romney, not because he was the most qualified -- which was somewhat doubtful anyway -- but because he was one of them. 

It was at this point that we mentioned an  incident that had happened back during the FDR regime.  During a meeting, one of those present (the Secretary of the Treasury?) made a remark concerning the head honcho in Panama: "He's a no-good son of a bitch, but he's our no-good son of a bitch." 

Far too many Americans fall into this trap.  Just because he's "our guy" doesn't mean that he's the best guy.

As distressing as it is to admit it, we must confess to being willing to vote for The Donald this go-around.  Scott Walker really was our first choice, but the Establishment eliminated him early on.  Ted Cruz -- with all of his foibles -- was #2, but he got scuttled. Gary Johnson was a fairly good governor of New Mexico, but he's caved in to the wrong interests.  Not to mention that the Libertarian Party has been taken over by the libertines and other assorted special interest groups and is no longer beholden to the concept of individual freedom.

(That notwithstanding, we remain four-square in favor of Johnson's inclusion in the upcoming Presidential "debates".  In addition to injecting the random libertarian idea into the proceedings, it might finally put to rest all the blather about starting a "third party".  For the uninformed, the Libertarian Party is the de facto third party, having more candidates in office and running for office than all the other minor parties combined.)


Having A Blast In Boston

Apparently, the participants and spectators at yesterday's Boston Marathon got a bit more than they bargained for.  As anyone might guess, everything worth knowing was reported within the first five minutes of "coverage".  Of course, that's never stopped the nescient nitwits of the "news" organizations from nattering on and on ad nauseum with all their speculations and commentary.

"Blessed is he who has nothing to say and refrains from giving wordy evidence of the fact." -- G. B. Shaw

Just once, we'd like to see one of the local TV stations pre-empt one of their ubiquitous promos to give a thumbnail sketch of what happened and then say "As soon as any pertinent details become available, we'll pass them along."

Never happen, though.

Anyone starting an office pool on how long it's going to take for some grandstanding politician to use this minor tragedy to infringe yet further on our rights and freedoms?

As a side note, one cannot help but wonder how long it will be for some enterprising soul to start marketing a t-shirt that says "I had a blast at the Boston Marathon". 


Another Epic "Liberal" Fail

(H/T to The Old Sarge for passing along this graphic, which originated on Twitter.)

Trust a cretin like Piers Morgan to be unable -- or unwilling -- to acknowledge the difference between facts and opinions. Anyone who has read The Federalist Papers -- that being a rather minute percentage of the American populace -- would be familiar with the reasoning behind the inclusion of the 2nd Amendment. Of course, "liberals" don't believe in reason, relying as they do on feeeeeeling to get them thru life.

What's truly ludicrous is PM's use of "Fact." at the end of his rant. It would be one thing to include "IMO" or some such, but this betrays his arrogance rather nicely.


Quote Of The Year

(Hat tip to The Old Sarge for pointing this one out.)

From Sunday's Times Free Press:

"You know that whole teach-a-man-to-fish philosophy? I hate that. You see someone drowning? You don't stand on the shore and teach them to swim." -- Rebecca Whelchel, Executive Director of Chattanooga's Metropolitan Ministries, which provides services for the poor and unemployed.

Read James 2:15-16 for a similar view.


More Injustice

This story is revolting.

Yet another case of a false rape accusation, this time costing an innocent man 10 years of his life and earning his lying accuser $1.5 million.

Despite the lack of any evidence of rape, his "lawyer" (a women, by the bye, who should be disbarred) advised him to take a plea bargain.

To make things even more surreal, the accuser "friended" him on Fakebook after he was released from prison, met with him, and wound up admitting that the accusation had been false. But she wouldn't talk to prosecutors because she didn't want to lose her windfall.

Here's what should -- but probably never will -- happen: She should go to jail for the exact length of time that he did, down to the minute. And she should pay him the entire $1.5 million, with interest.

Perhaps we should name an award for Brian Banks. It's the least anyone could do.


'Tis The Season

Great quote from The Old Sarge:

"I love Christ, but I hate Chri$tma$."



And The Award Goes To:

Whoever can come up with a credible futuristic sci-fi story beginning with:
"After the disbanding of that miserably failed experiment known as the United Nations...."


Wrong Way Around

It looks like someone got the line of cause-and-effect backwards with this one.

From where the rest of us sit, it looks more like a belief in "climate change" is caused by mental illness.




The Old Sarge just took us to task for having the Comments unnecessarily limited. The problem has been fixed as of a few minutes ago. Sorry for any inconvenience.


How Do You Spot A Liberal?

It's simple. They're the ones who "believe in" UFOs, but don't "believe in" guns.


Interview Question

Remember how, in job interviews, the interviewer always winds up asking "Do you have any questions?"?

Try this one on for size. Next time she asks that, simply respond with: "What is your procedure for resolving personnel disputes, and what specific safeguards do you have in place for protecting the rights of those who might be falsely accused of wrongdoing?".

Try to keep a straight face while she squirms and stammers. ;-)


Sounds Like A Good Deal

The US gummint has threatened to withhold bribe money "economic aid" from Pakistan if Pakistan doesn't get with the program and start actually doing something about terrorists on the Afghan border. In retaliation, Pakistan threatens to pull its troops back from the border.

Let's see if we have this right: the US saves $800 million in bribe money and Pakistan moves its do-nothing troops away from the border.

Sounds like a win for the US taxpayers.


A Question

For all the "liberals", "Progressives", socialists, communists, Marxists and other statists:

Is there any aspect of life -- any aspect at all -- that you're willing to keep the government out of? Anything?


More Stupidity

As further proof our the depths of stupidity to which our society has sunk, one need only look at the way in which the apostrophe is now being mis-used. It's bad enough that hardly anyone knows how to use a hyphen or a comma anymore. But the ubiquitous use of "'s" to form a plural is getting to be a bit much. We recall seeing the "advice" some time back of "when it doubt, use it".

How about "when in doubt, find out"?

Nah, that's be too much for today's morons. Might cause 'em to feeeeeeel bad.