Another Reason Not To Fly

(Hat tip to Neal Boortz for linking to this one.)

The real problem here is not the children per se, but the parents. A child under the age of about 10 really can't be expected to understand the complexities of social interactions, but the parents bloody well can!

Fortunately, some people have the right idea:
Earlier this year, a 3-year-old girl who threw a tantrum and refused to be belted into her seat was removed, along with her parents, from an AirTran Airways flight. AirTran reimbursed the parents for the flight, but when the parents went public with their protest, AirTran received more than 8,000 e-mail messages and phone calls — nearly all supporting the airline.

What gives one hope is not only that the airline did the right thing, but that so many people were willing to back them up.

Unfortunately, others haven't got a clue.
Ms. Foss, a flight attendant since 1985, says the way to maintain perspective in the air — even if a screaming infant is assailing your eardrums — is to grin and bear it.

"Maintaining perspective" does nothing to solve the actual problem. Holding people (e.g. parents) accountable for their actions -- and inactions - does.

Maybe the offending kids should be sent outside to play. And their parents as well.


More Anti-Gun Lunacy

(Hat tip to Neal Boortz for this one. Following his link requries registration, though.)

It looks like the mental midgets in the Windbag City have decided to make Chicago's residents "feel" safer by holding yet another gun "buy-back". For the moment, we're willing to forego the question of how anyone can "buy back" what they've never owned in the first place. Instead, we'll focus on two other questions that present themselves.

The first is the matter of value: how many of these guns that are being "bought back" are worth anything near the $100 being paid for them

The second -- and more problematic -- question is one of what exactly this will do to make the citizens of Crook County Cook County the least bit safer. Not that the cretins who came up with this half-baked scheme care one iota about whether or not the citizens actually are safer. Apparently, "feeling" safer is enough to garner sufficient votes for re-election.


Surviving Crime

(Another hat tip to Kim du Toit for linking to this little gem.

It's a sad day when people have been reduced to compliant sheep. Sadder still when a nickel increase in the cost of a gallon of gasoline elicits a stronger response than being the victim (or potential victim) of a crime.

Supporting The Troops

Apparently, some people really do understand what "supporting the troops" is all about. Hat tip to the good Major for clueing us all in. Be sure to read the rest of his blog. He does give contact info on that company. They might even have something you need.


Let 'em Eat Cake

(Hat tip to Kim du Toit for this one.)

It seems that the cretins over at the United (Abomi)Nations are having just a tiny bit of difficulty trying to feed all the world's poor. Even Kim seems to miss the obvious cause of this. And it really doesn't have all that much to do with biofuels.

Maybe -- just maybe -- the root of the problem (no pun intended) is not that grain prices are high, but that these idiots haven't figure out yet that as long as they keep feeding the poor, the poor have no incentive to feed themselves!

As Pres. Reagan so eloquently pointed out, government is not the solution, government is the problem. Of course, if the United Nutcases stopped wasting so much of its budget on perks for its bureaucrats and bribes for every crook around, they could afford a decent program that would help people help themselves.

(BTW, what ever happened to CARE? Remember CARE packages?)


Of Vice And Men

Update: The link has been fixed. Sorry about that. (Hat tip to Galt-in-da-Box for pointing out the problem.)

We can hardly wait for the firestorm of hypocrisy from the Lunatic Left that will surely accompany this story. And it will be mainly the same ones who so quickly jumped to Sick Willie's defense (even when he was perjuring himself) who will just as quickly excoriate Sen. Vitter.

The really interesting thing, though, is once again seeing the difference between liberals and conservatives in such matters. The typical liberal response is to go on the attack and "shoot the messenger", no matter how valid the charge(s) might be. The typical conservative response is to own up to the wrongdoing and accept responsibility for one's actions.

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Burning The Flag

From all appearances over the years, school officials in the Kalifornia People's Republik have no problem with burning the American flag, but they seem to have suddenly developed a lot of sensitivity when it comes to foreign flags.

Let there be no mistake: buring any flag is a perfectly legitimate form of protest. For those who remember the halcyon days of Internet taglines: The right to burn the flag is the best reason not to. (As a side note, during a conversation a few years ago about wetbacks burning the American flag down on Civic Plaza, The Old Sarge asked Wolfman what he thought the life expectance would be of anyone who went down there and burned the Mexican flag. The concensus was "about five minutes".)

But Heaven forfend that students in Kalifornia "desecrate" the image of a flag associated with terrists. One wonders just how many taxpayer dollars were wasted in trying to suppress that little exercise in political expression.

Stupid quote of the story:
A student who is not a member of the club had filed a complaint with university officials after the protest.

The student claimed that the Republican students engaged in "acts of incivility" and "intimidation" and created a "hostile environment" by publicly walking over the terrorist flags.

Yeah, that's way worse than blowing up innocent children.


Celebrate What?

Independence Day?

Are you kidding?

Do you really think you're all that independent? How much freedom do you think you have left? How many of your rights can you still exercise?


See you next year. Maybe.


Abigail Rae Died For Your Sins

We're not really sure just which is the worst aspect of this story -- the fact that an innocent little girl lost her life, or the fact that so many people have been turned into craven cowards all because someone somewhere "might" misunderstand a heroic action for a dastardly one.

Have we really sunk so low as a society that people are terrified to do what is manifestly right, simply because someone else "might" object? It's bad enough that people are reluctant to take the right of way in traffic when they so obviously have it. It's a thousand times worse that people refuse to call a spade a spade because some professional victim somewhere will all too willingly take offense. But to let an innocent little girl drown, all because of a fear of being labeled a pervert -- that's beyond the pale.

Western civilization died today, after a long illness.