The Four Great Lies

For years, we've heard that there are three great lies that Satan uses in his efforts to get our Heavenly Father's children to do his bidding and become as miserable as he is. These are:

Just once won't hurt
Yes, once will hurt. God does not look on sin with the least degree of tolerance. Any sin is an offense again God and must be repented of. So, once does hurt in many ways. Even once takes us further from God and makes us less than what we should be.

Everyone's doing it
No, "everyone " isn't doing it. Not everyone lies, steals, or commits adultery or murder. In fact, very few people (relatively speaking) commit any given sin. And if you don't, aren't you part of "everyone"?

No one will ever know
Yes. God will know. And so will you. Isn't that enough?

But there is yet another pernicious lie. Its purpose is not so much to get you to do something as it is to get you to not do something. It goes like this:

If you're not perfect, you're no good

OK, we have been commanded to "be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect". However.... it's not expected that we become perfect all in one day. It's an ongoing project. One's imperfection should never become a stumbling block to progress. Gen. George S. Patton recognized this principle when he said "A good plan now is better than a perfect plan later".

At the very least, instead of condemning others (or even ourselves!) for not being perfect, we should all be grateful that God allows us to see those imperfections so that we might be the wiser for it.

Remember: Satan will tell you 99 truths in order to get you to believe one lie.


A Parley of Whores

From Reuters comes word that prostitutes from even outside the country will be in Boston this week to work the Democratic National Convention. We're supposed to be surprised by this? The only surprise is that Reuters didn't wait until the Republican National Convention to say the same thing.

Too bad Reuters -- who banned the use of the word "terrorist" to describe .... um, terrorists -- doesn't have the guts to point out that the real whores at this convention are the ones up on the stage.


Oh, It Was "Inadvertant"......

Jonah Goldberg writes: Byron York has an excellent piece on Berger. He says that the documents Berger took were said to be 15-30 pages. So, if the Post is right, Berger took somewhere between a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 180 pages worth of the same document, in five to six drafts, over two separate occasions... inadvertantly. That is, he took them from a secure room, in a leather portfolio, all the while sneaking notes out "knowingly".


Just how does a former NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR "inadvertently" remove classified documents?? We're well versed in the care and feeding of classified materials and find it impossible to believe that anyone who has that level of access could "inadvertantly" commit such a gross breach of the law.

Oh, Just Shut Up And Sing!

So, Linda Ronstadt got herself booed off the stage and kicked out of her hotel for injecting politics into her act. Must be more of that mean ol' "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy".

When will these people ever learn that they're "hired" to entertain the audience, not deliver political tirades? Wasn't it Sam Goldwyn who said "This is show business; if you want to 'send a message', go to Western Union."? What makes them think anyone gives an airborne rodent's posterior what they think politically?

Free speech is not the same as cheap talk.

Well, if Ms Ronstadt is "uncomfortable" with Republicans and Christians in the audience, perhaps we should simply excuse ourselves from any more of her concerts. After all, we wouldn't want her to feel "uncomfortable", would we?


Live It, Learn It, Love It

From some recent discussions with our fellow Linksters, it becomes even more apparent that loving the Constitution and understanding it do not go hand-in-hand. These are people who belong to a demographic widely known for a love of the Constitution, yet there does not seem to be an overabundance of them who truly understand it.

On the other hand, you have people like the senior Senator from West Virginia, who is widely hailed as having a deep understanding of the Constitution, yet who obviously has no great love for it.

Those who love the Constitution need to learn more about it, in order to successfully counter those who would use its very provisions to destroy it and our whole way of life. It does little good to profess a great love for the most inspired governing document of all time, if one has no clue as to how it is supposed to work. Perhaps, in addition to teaching the Scriptures, there should be a Sunday School class devoted to studying our most basic law.

What draws us to libertarianism is the idea that the Constitution is not there to enforce anyone's particular idea of morality. We'll leave that to a Higher Power. The Constitution is merely there to set forth the form, function, and limits of government and to guarantee our God-given rights and freedoms. Trying to use the Constitution -- or any other law -- to force our neighbors to do our bidding is not only against the spirit of that great document, but contrary to Christianity as well.

Did not the Savior teach us that we should "do unto others" as we would have others do unto us? Is not the heart and soul of libertarianism the concept that the only crimes are those actions that deprive another of the right to life, liberty, or property by force or by fraud?


Dissed, or.....?

So now the lefties are getting their tighty-whities in a bunch because the junior senator from New York wasn't invited to speak at the Socialist national convention in Boston. Aw, gee.... Life must be hard. Of course, both "sides" in this "dispute" are covering the lower portions of their anatomy. One side says she never asked to speak; the other side says she was never asked to speak.

So, was she (quite properly) "dissed", or is this whole tempest in a teapot nothing more than a set-up to drum up sympathy in '08? It'd be all to easy for the loonies to start screaming about how now it's time for a woman president, since their favorite was so badly treated in '04.

Watch for it....


Another Reason To Avoid Micro$h*t

Comes word today that so many holes have been found in Mickey$oft's Internet Exploder that the government's own security watchdogs have recommened not using it (Article). When the government finally gets around to warning about something that others have known for years, you know the situation has gotten out of hand.

Of course, we've been using Firefox since it came out as Firebird. So, no worries.


Turnabout Is Fair Play

Apparently, management at Virginia's NASCAR raceway in Hampton has managed to alienate and offend quite a lot of fans and even employees by banning the American flag from the infield. Of course, they tried to cover their tracks by banning all flags, but according to employees and fans, the flags never blocked their view.

Hmm.... perhaps this would be a good occasion to send raceway management to some sensitivity training?