Idiot Quote Of The Week

(Hat tip to Lem over at Hillbilly White Trash, even though he seems to have missed the idiocy of the quote.)

Apparently, some "supermodel"* took a header off a balcony in The Rotten Apple and someone thought the world was A Much Lesser Place.

The money quote:
"I'm still in shock. The world lost a great person."

Hmmmm... We can't seem to find that link to where she won the Nobel Price in Medicine for finding a cure for cancer.

*The Old Sarge is still wondering what a "supermodel" is. Faster than a speeding locomotive? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Can see through walls? What?


Depressed Mode

You are so screwed.

What's approaching now is the Perfect Storm of economics, and no one seems to be noticing it. Three factors are about to collide and knock this country for a loop:

1) The country is already in recession. The fact that The High Priests of The Economy have not yet deigned to acknowledge it, is irrelevant. Ten months from now, when they finally do acknowledge it, you can say you read it here first.

2) The spike in oil prices caused by unbridled speculation. Contrary to what even Walter Williams says, speculation is A Very Bad Thing. Just look at what happened during the '20s. And that speculation is spreading to other commodities. In each case, it's nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy.

3) The Bush tax cuts will expire in 2010. This will be because there will not be enough people with the stones to stand up to the tax-and-spend crowd that's still trying to buy your vote with your own money.

End result? A Depression that will begin sometime in 2011.

There are other factors, of course, but those are the three most salient.

Don't say you weren't warned. Keep your powder dry.