A Question

For all the "liberals", "Progressives", socialists, communists, Marxists and other statists:

Is there any aspect of life -- any aspect at all -- that you're willing to keep the government out of? Anything?


More Stupidity

As further proof our the depths of stupidity to which our society has sunk, one need only look at the way in which the apostrophe is now being mis-used. It's bad enough that hardly anyone knows how to use a hyphen or a comma anymore. But the ubiquitous use of "'s" to form a plural is getting to be a bit much. We recall seeing the "advice" some time back of "when it doubt, use it".

How about "when in doubt, find out"?

Nah, that's be too much for today's morons. Might cause 'em to feeeeeeel bad.