Quote Of The Week

(We really should cut back on this. Ol' Travis is getting way too much attention here. Which wouldn't be A Bad Thing if only we could conclude a non-aggression pact with him.)

This week's quote involves yet another government idiot (Oops! Redundancy Alert!) who apparently has a solution in search of a problem.

The money quote:

When you’re using stolen money, no idea is too stupid to pay for.

Amen and amen.


A Voice From The Dust

Well, dead people vote, so why shouldn't they do a little electioneering?

Let's hope the old gal gets her wish and Dingy Harry winds up being plain old Mr. Reid in January.


Quote Of The Month

The esteemed Travis is at it again.

The money quote:

Muslims build fire bombs to use against women and children.

Westerners build medical technologies.

Best. Comparison. Ever.

This is why Muslim society is failing.