The Dream Team

So it seems The Empty Suit has chosen The Empty Head to be his running mate. Such a perfect match.

And the useful idiots are lapping it up. Try engaging one of their supporters in an intelligent conversation about the specifics of this campaign, and all you'll get is blank stares. And perhaps something mumbled about "hope" and "change".

God help America.


The Plot Sickens, Part II

It ain't over 'til the calorically enhanced lady sings.

Lady MacBeth is nowhere near giving up.

Things should get powerfully interesting up in The Mile High City in short order.


Another Rest Of The Story

The Lone Star State killed another killer last night. But along the way, one of those little details leaked out. You know -- one of those little details the dominant news media don't want you to know until after they've whipped up a lot of hysteria about a story.

In this case, we finally see that it was only after the miscreant in question was convicted that he requested a meeting with the Mexican Consulate.
Medellin's execution, the fifth this year in the nation's busiest capital punishment state, attracted international attention after he raised claims he wasn't allowed to consult the Mexican consulate for legal help following his arrest. State officials say he didn't ask to do so until well after he was convicted of capital murder. (Emphasis added.)

And here all this time, you thought he made that request as soon as he got arrested, didn't you? Apparently, that's what the lamestream media wanted you to think.


Dressing For Excess

Wherein it seems The Old Sarge just can't keep out of trouble.
She couldn't have been more than about 14 or 15 at the outside. Walking around the mall with half her chest hanging out, and her mother walking right along with her. I've seen hookers down on Central Avenue that looked more modest. I did a double-take and still couldn't believe my eyes.

But what was priceless was the look her mother gave me! If looks could kill, I'd have been a greasy spot on the floor. Damn fool must have thought I was the Mad Rapist of Pittsburgh or something.

And parents wonder why their "little girls" get molested or turn up pregnant. A pox on the lot of them.