More Injustice

This story is revolting.

Yet another case of a false rape accusation, this time costing an innocent man 10 years of his life and earning his lying accuser $1.5 million.

Despite the lack of any evidence of rape, his "lawyer" (a women, by the bye, who should be disbarred) advised him to take a plea bargain.

To make things even more surreal, the accuser "friended" him on Fakebook after he was released from prison, met with him, and wound up admitting that the accusation had been false. But she wouldn't talk to prosecutors because she didn't want to lose her windfall.

Here's what should -- but probably never will -- happen: She should go to jail for the exact length of time that he did, down to the minute. And she should pay him the entire $1.5 million, with interest.

Perhaps we should name an award for Brian Banks. It's the least anyone could do.