When The People Lead....

... the leaders might not follow, but maybe they'll get out of the way. Kim du Toit offers an excellent alternative to the (deservedly) failed Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill.

■ build a wall across the southern border;
■ deny government benefits to illegal immigrants;
■ enforce workplace background checks on new employees;
■ fine employers* who emply illegal aliens, and
■ begin the process of deporting the illegals we catch inside our borders.
(*Or maybe we could deport them, too!)

Now, if we could just get someone in Congress to dress that up as legislation, we'd be all set.

Michael Moore-on Strikes (Out) Again

Will this cretin ever shut up? Or did we miss the memo about Apple and AT&T being in the healthcare business?

We can't help but wonder which was scheduled first -- the opening of his mockumentary or the roll-out of the iPhone. (Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were the latter?)


Biting The Hand That Fed Him

How soon they forget. Apparently, Sen. Trent Lott has forgotten the old dictum that "ya dance with the one what brung ya". Most recently, he's gotten his knickers in a twist over the role that talk radio has been playing in making things a mite difficult for the President's Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Bill.

Strange, how he didn't seem to have any problem with talk radio when they were taking his part in all that flap over his comment about Strom Thurmond some time back. Maybe the next time he shoots himself in the foot, talk radio won't be quite so quick to come to his rescue.



And not a moment too soon. Not only does Mike Nifong richly deserve to be disbarred for his part in that Duke University "rape" debacle, he also deserves to do some serious time at the Greybar Hotel for a whole host of misdeeds, including malicious prosecution and perhaps even perjury.

We can only hope that the families of those falsley accused lacrosse players can sue him civily and recover the costs of their defense.

Napoleon said it best: every once in a while, one must shoot a couple of admirals in order to keep the rest in line.


Sauce For The Goose

Mr. Chips decided recently that a career change was in order and so picked up an employment application at a place that was hiring.

Does anyone ever actually read those things? Especially all the fine print. The last page consists of about three-fourths of a page of the usual boilerplate that requires you to sell your soul give up just about all your rights in return for the measly pittance they deign to pay you. Some of them also contain language to the effect that the employer can alter the terms of employment at their pleasure with no notification or negotiation.

Who writes these things? Darth Vader?

The problem we have with conservatives is that they go in for crap like this. Conservatives seem to think that employers hold all the cards and the (prospective) employee can go suck air.

Liberals, on the other hand, want the exact opposite. They -- thru their goonion minions, and with the ever-more-willing help of the government -- want to dictate the terms of employment to the employer.

Apparently, only libertarians are interested in a level playing field where both employer and employee have rights and each respects the rights of the other, negotiating to a point where both are truly satisfied with the outcome.

As things stand now, a person joining a union is merely trading one set of masters for another. Not to worry, though. It won't be long now until the whole thing falls together like a house of cards.


Today's Vocabulary Lesson


Hat tip to Neal Boortz for this one. Let's hope it makes it into every American's lexicon.


What Leader?

Hmmmm.... curiouser and curiouser.

This from Reuters.

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he wanted to close debate on the bill by this week's end despite Republicans' objections, which could doom the fragile compromise legislation that backers say would help fix a broken immigration system through which millions of illegal immigrants have slipped into the United States.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said his fellow Republicans had a number of amendments they wanted considered before voting on the bill."

Now, quick -- how many times during his tenure as such was Harry Reid referred to as "Senate Minority Leader"? Hint: it's probably a number less than one.

Bias? No, there's no media bias.

Lest We Forget

...what today is really all about.

Update: This is absolutely disgusting. Especially that it could happen up in The Cowboy State. If it had happened in The People's Republik of Taxachussetts or the Kalifornia People's Republik, that would be a different story.

God help Amerika.


Flagging Spirits

The Old Sarge reports stopping by the Post Office a couple of weeks ago to send off a package to Pack Rat and noticing that they had the flag at half-staff. Upon inquiring as to why, he was told that it was in honor of those killed at Virginia Tech. This, of course, occasioned one of those "WTFO" moments wherein he wondered why the flag at the United States Post Office would be at half-staff for a bunch of students who were killed in a crime spree in another state.

Last Monday, he stopped by the grocery store across the street and noticed that the same flag at the same Post Office was at full-staff. On Memorial Day. A Federal holiday.

Oh, well. As long as they all feeeeeeel good about it.

God help Amerika.