Mail Call

Reader Kathanda writes: "I just read your Fear and Loathing article, and I disagree. The religous right doesnt oppose gay-marriage because they hate homosexuals, although im sure there are some out there who do. They do it because they never grasped the whole separation of church and state concept. And please dont respond with some robotic 'institution of marriage' response. If brittany spears can get married for 5 minutes in vegas and the institution is okay, but 2 loving people want to get married, and the institution is shot becuase they happen to both be women, then perhaps the institution isnt worth protecting."

We're not really sure what's meant by "some robotic 'institution of marriage' response", but it should be noted that not only did God create Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve (or Alana and Eve), but God also instituted marriage. (Hence that whole "Thou shalt not commit adultery" thing.)

Now, if one does not accept marriage as an institution ordained of God, then all bets are off.

However, the damage done by this mockery called "homosexual marriage" is not done to the institution itself, but to society. And yes, Britney and her 55-hour "marriage" are just as detrimental. Civilization at its finest is built upon the foundation of the family, which begins with one man marrying one woman (polygamy -- or more accurately, polygyny -- is a can of worms best left unopened at this juncture).

We can't help but wonder, of course, just how long that much-vaunted "separation of church and state" will last once the militant homosexuals start demanding that their mockery be solemnized by and recognized by the church of their choice. We've already expressed our own support for the separation idea by pointing out that the real danger is not what the church would otherwise do to the state, but what the state will do to the church.

Pot? Kettle

OK, so Mel Gibson had one (or more) too many and got busted for drunk driving. So far, not too bad. Then, not being in full control of himself, he began cussing out the arresting officer. Bad, but understandable. The he did The Big One. He allegedly made what could easily be deemed "anti-semitic" remarks. Oops! Red card on that play.

Now, the usual assortment of professional victims are calling for his head on a platter. As though expressing anti-semitic sentiments were The Worst Crime Ever.

The real kicker here is that some in the Hollyweird crowd are already speculating about whether Mel's career might be over. Well, seeing as how there are more anti-semites per acre in Hollyweird than almost anywhere else (including Tehran), this comes off as... shall we say "disingenuous"? Or would "hypocritical" be a better word?


What A Fraud

By now, anyone with half a brain knows not only what a complete nutcase Cindy Sheehan is, not to mention being just another publicity whore. More and more now, though, we're finding out what a complete fraud she is.

Witness her recent "hunger strike", which entails drinking things that Third Worlders don't even dream of. Now we've found additional evidence of what a fraud she is.

Much of her rant against the invasion of Iraq -- and, by extension, against the Bush Administration -- revolves around her status as a "grieving mother" who "lost" her son. But.... how can one "lose" what one has thrown away?

As it turns out, she gave up her son Casey in a divorce when he was only seven years old. But you're supposed to believe that she has "absolute moral authority" and qualifies as Mother Of The Year.

And what of her "grief"? Grief can make people do strange things. But some things are a bit difficult to explain away so easily. If Casey meant so much to her, why did it take two years to put a marker on her son's grave?

It's not as though she has to spend any of that $250,000 she got from the government. The VA will provide one for free. All she has to do is ask.

Maybe it's a time management thing. Even though she found time to protest on at least 3 continents, get arrested various times, go on vacation in Hawaii, and have photo ops with the Marxists in Venezuela, she can't seem to find the time to properly mark her son's grave.

UPDATE: Apparently, there were a few facts in error in the original post. She did not have another son from a second marriage. And there is now a marker on her son's grave. However, it took two years to get it there, due mostly to her inattention. Most people would have a marker up in two weeks, tops. Two months would be a stretch. But two years?


Don't Drink The Water

Surely, comedian and "civil rights" agitator Dick Gregory must have intended his remarks at the NAA(L)CP convention to be part of a stand-up routine. He certainly couldn't have expected anyone to take him seriously.

Sample: "The FBI has documents on the relationship between lead exposure and homicide," he said, but "nobody knows about it," he asserted.

All righty... If "nobody knows about it", then how could he tell us about it?

Most unfortunately, there were no photos accompanying the article, so we have no way of knowing whether or not Mr. Gregory was wearing his foil hat.


Fear And Loathing In America

Since the philosophy of the Left is based on emotion rather than reason, it should surprise no one that their limited grasp of current issues is also based on emotion rather than reason. So it is that they interpret the entire world in terms of mostly three things: Hate, Fear, and Anger.

You oppose the militant homosexuals' mockery of the institution of marriage? It can only because you hate them. It couldn't be because you see how destructive their agenda is to the fabric of our society. It's only because you hate them.

You oppose the election of a woman who is known for her obvious socialist agenda? It can only be because you fear "strong, independent" women. It couldn't possibly be because her socialist agenda is the very antithesis of what this country stands for. It's only because you fear "strong, independent" women.

You oppose the government taking your money and using it to buy the votes of another group of people? That can only be because you're angry about your money being taken from you, not because you oppose the unconstitutional theft of your property. It's only because you're angry about your money being taken away.

And there you have it. No matter how well reasoned your position, no matter how well grounded in moral law, constitutional principles, or even common sense your position, it's all invalidated by virtue of your hate, fear, and anger. That's all there is to it.

What pathetic lives these people must lead, to see that world in such negative terms.


So much stupidity in the world this week, and so little time to comment on all of it.

Hezbollah -- dedicated to the complete destruction of the state of Israel -- launches rockets out of Lebanon and Israel defends itself by striking back at selected targets. And Secretary of State Rice calls on Israel to show restraint? What the hell is in the water in DC?? How about calling on Hezbollah and their Iranian handlers to show more than just "restraint"?


Bush-hater Joe Wilson and his covert desk-jockey wife have filed suit against several Bush administration members for.... what? Some nonsense. Of course, you're supposed to overlook the fact that it's timed to get some cheap publicity for her soon-to-be-ghost-written coffee table book, which Bush-hating myrmidons everywhere will line up to buy but few will actually read.


Congress seems to be poised to actually do something about making a decision to possibly take some action that will maybe someday do a little something to ameleorate high energy prices, and the Watermelons (Green on the outside; Red on the inside) are whining about the environment. Can there be any doubt that if natural gas were found on the Moon, they'd complain about "damage" to the environment if someone wanted to mine it?


In May, Congress authorized the construction of a 370-mile-long wall along our southern border. But now they vote to not authorize any money to actually build it. Looks like they've all learned a lesson from Jean-Francois Kerry -- playing both sides of the issue so they can claim the "right" position before the voters.


GOP leadership is telling candidates to campaign on a platform of "fiscal discipline" and "cutting spending". This would be akin to Sick Willie Clinton preaching sexual abstinence. If what they've shown is "fiscal discipline", we'd hate to see their definition of a spendthrift.


Not A Bad Idea

Things are so bad in New Jersey that it looks like almost the entire state government will shutdown until the budget impasse is resolved. The root problem, of course, is that -- just like the Imperial Federal Government and most of the other 49 -- the Garden State is simply spending more money than it takes in.

On the bright side, there are lawmakers willing to oppose Gov. Corzine's attempt to increase the state sales tax from 6% to 7%. Even better is the furlough of all "non-essential" government employees. With that, they just might be onto something. Let's see if "essential" government services will still be provided in the absence of all those "non-essential" employees. If so, the furlough should be permanent.

Of course, any time the government comes to a standstill, that's pretty much a good thing, since the government at all levels is doing things they were never authorized by their constitutions/charters to do.

Maybe this should be tried at the Federal level?

Gee, next thing you know, there could be an outbreak of freedom and prosperity.

A Dangerous Idea

NY TIIMES, 4 July 1776

Philadelphia: A small group of right-wing extremists continues to foment trouble here in the colonies, this time with the publication of a "Declaration of Independence" seeking to break away from Mother England and institute their own religious dictatorship.

Readers might remember the carnage that occurred last year when General Thomas Gage attempted to seize a cache of assault weapons from a dangerous group of gun nuts up in Lexington. Feeling emboldened by their temporary victory, these extremist and their allies now think they can overthrow His Majesty's legitimate government.

For some reason, these religious zealots and malcontents seem obsessed with the idea of doing away with the taxes we pay for the protection of the Crown, just so they can line the pockets of their rich friends. They seem to have the idea that they have some sort of "divine right" to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". (At least they didn't succumb to the blandishments of that lunatic John Locke and include a "right" to property.)

Among the complaints of these malcontents is the idea that the King has been over-riding their wishes concerning the proper running of the local colonial government. Obviously, they want to throw out hundreds of years of legal traditions and replace it with the anarchy of some new form of government, without any real strategy for success.

These separatists are taking a few minor complaints and blowing everything out of proportion, all in an effort to implement their own dangerous vision of domination of the New World. Fortunately, when the bodies of our young soldiers start coming home in wooden boxes, the colonists will certainly cry out for an end to this miserable failure and we can all go back to living in peace and enjoying the security of His Majesty's government.