And A Child Shall Lead

A recent visitor to this blog left a link to his own and we followed it, just to see what he writes about. Interesting stuff, but we won't like to it without his permission.

A recent entry revolved around his grandson's reaction to his explanation of the importance of showing proper respect to the national flag. What caught our attention was his mistaken apparent belief that said grandson might not have fully understood his feelings about the flag and what it represents.

Ah, but children pick up on a great deal more than grown-ups realize. We are all born with the power of intuition, but our "hi-tech" society tends to breed it out of most people, especially males. One hears very little anymore even about "women's intuition", as though it were somehow limited to only females. With guidance, anyone can re-learn that ability.

The truly sad thing, though, is that so few people have any respect -- let alone reverence -- for not only the flag, but the concepts that flag represents.

God help America.


Goebbels Would Be Proud

Apparently, if you tell a lie enough times, maybe people will start to believe it.

The first question that rears its inconvenient head is: Why is this being shown in a World History class? Or an economics class?

The second question is: why do they have an entire class on just the environment? Don't they have some sort of "Earth Sciences" class? How about just a plain science class? (Oh, yeah. That would expose students to the scientific method and all that tricky stuff about critical thinking. Can't have that sort of thing in gummint schools.)

"Have you ever noticed that there was no global warming crisis when Bill Clinton was president?"

-- Rush Limbaugh


They're Ba-aaack!

(Hat tip to Neal Boortz for pointing this out.)

Oh, dear. Well, the people at Err Amerika are back on the airwaves.

Now, some people might think this is a bad thing. We don't agree. Sometimes, the nastiest thing you can do to people (as well as the most amusing thing) is to just stand back and watch them make complete asses of themselves.

Let the good times roll!

A Real Right-Winger, Huh?

Yeah, we always knew that that old Rupert Murdoch was a leader of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Why, he and that Fox News team have just been burning the midnight oil, trying to bring down the Clintons and ruin their grand plan to "help" us all.

He's such a right-wing nut job that he really coddles those ChiComs, too.

Two thoughts come to mind rather quickly: One is that people in power really like to keep power, and will do anything to hold onto it. Power truly does corrupt, and it tends to have a very corrosive effect on one's principles.

The other thought is that fanaticism is most notably marked by a lack of perpective (not to mention a lack of a sense of humor). The rabid left-wing nuts in this country are so busy excoriating Murdoch for being an "extreme right-wing" conservative that the fail to see how he's been aiding their cause.


From Pillow To Post

Apologies all around for having missed some of the comments posted here, but Lycos does a very poor job of showing new mail (including comment notification). We've since switched over to GMail, which is far more user-friendly. ALL new mail shows up quite nicely, and Thunderbird is definitely the way to go, especially since GMail supports the POP function.


Rights? What Rights?

(Hat tip to Galt for getting us thinking about this.)

Over the last several decades, it seems that just about every demographic group you can think of has managed to dream up ever more bizarre "rights" which they demand that the courts enforce, usually with your money.

It should be noted that John Locke postulated that there were three inalienable rights -- the right to life, liberty and property. (How that last one got morphed into "the pursuit of happiness" is stil being discussed. But we note with disdain that the rights-mongers have even managed to bastardize that into the "right" to happiness at all costs, paid for if necessary by someone else.)

In the beginning -- as is with all such things -- it began innocently and properly enough. There was never any excuse for the legalized discrimination against Blacks. The law should have been perfectly neutral on the subject. If you choose not to serve Blacks at your lunch counter, so be it. No matter how petty and/or short-sighted that might be. But for the law to mandate that you are not allowed to serve Blacks at the same lunch counter as Whites is just flat-out wrong. And so we had the beginnings of the "civil rights" movement.

Unfortunately, as with all fanatics, the professional do-gooders weren't satisfied with simply overturning bad laws. They insisted on having the courts enforce their particular brand of "morality" -- at the point of a gun, if necessary. And so we wound up with "women's rights", which led most notably to the right to commit murder for the convenience of the mother. Now there's "'gay' rights", "immigrant rights", and who knows what else.

Oddly missing in all of this hysteria about everyone's perceived "rights" is any talk at all of responsibility. Apparently, almost everyone has a right to almost everything, but no one has any responsibilities.

Perhaps P. J. O'Rourke said it best: "There is only one basic human right -- the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human obligation -- the obligation to take the consequences."

Right on.