And A Child Shall Lead

A recent visitor to this blog left a link to his own and we followed it, just to see what he writes about. Interesting stuff, but we won't like to it without his permission.

A recent entry revolved around his grandson's reaction to his explanation of the importance of showing proper respect to the national flag. What caught our attention was his mistaken apparent belief that said grandson might not have fully understood his feelings about the flag and what it represents.

Ah, but children pick up on a great deal more than grown-ups realize. We are all born with the power of intuition, but our "hi-tech" society tends to breed it out of most people, especially males. One hears very little anymore even about "women's intuition", as though it were somehow limited to only females. With guidance, anyone can re-learn that ability.

The truly sad thing, though, is that so few people have any respect -- let alone reverence -- for not only the flag, but the concepts that flag represents.

God help America.


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