Boys Will NOT Be Boys

the radical feminist movement is a political movement to emasculate men and to brainwash women.

We've not heard of Nancy Levant before, but she writes quite an article. The above was actually a quote from Mr. Carey Roberts, to whom she refers in an article over at Sierra Times. (We'll have to remember to provide a link to them soonest.)

There was a time when boys could be boys -- taking risks, challenging each other, and learning skills (like standing up for themselves) that would serve them well as men. But then along came the social engineers of the lunatic left who recognized that manly skills were a threat to their goal of world domination. And thus began the cultural genocide of the American male.

With too few real men left in America, perhaps this is how the universe ends -- not with a bang, but a whimper.


At 2:49 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

The femin-staazi offer an intriguing, fascinating and disturbing look into the utter depths of mental derrangement and moral depravity. (If you doubt this, visit http://kathanda.blogspot.com and prepare to be converted!)
Little known to the true believers at the grass-roots of the movement is the fact most of its leaders are flaming lesbians.
Lesser known are their Leninist leanings.
I have no compunctions against a woman doing any positive, constructive or beneficial thing she wants, but destroying families, gold-digging their husbands, brain-FILTHYing their children against them, and rallying for public policies that advance statism don't count.

MDS, what do you make of the latest student murders perped to advance "gun control", a/k/a citizen disarmament? Amazing how these expert-killer birds always off themselves when the mission is accomplished, eh?


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