Screwed Again

OK, so we popped on down to the grocery store to pick up some of our favorite carbonated beverage, only to find that the 24oz bottles are no longer 24oz bottles -- they're now 16.9oz bottles. Naturally, the first question that presented itself was where in the world they came up with such a ridiculous amount. What? They couldn't add another tenth of an ounce and make it an even 17? Who are the cretins who come up with this sort of nonsense?

The second idea that popped up was reminiscent of the '70s when candy manufacturers started packaging smaller candy bars in the same old packages. (Like none of us would notice!) The bottling companies are probably counting on the possibility that no one would notice that we're paying the 24oz price for 16.9 ounces. Fat chance.

One lesson to keep uppermost in one's mind is that any businessperson who tries to tell you that "______ is our number one priority" where "______" is anything other than "making a profit", that person is either a liar or a complete imbecile.


At 3:06 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

It might have something to do with 16.9 oz being equal to half a liter, but I would damned well expect a price reduction.
With this ever-more-worthless paper we're passing around instead of real money, I'm surprised the price didn't go up as well.
Speaking of price gouging, ever notice that the only sides winning TWOT (ahem, "The War On Ter-r") are the bankers, the contractors and the munitions manufacturers?


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