A National Disgrace

Perhaps the most distressing recent news concerns the atrocious conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the military operation in Iraq, those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are fulfilling the terms of their contract and deserve much better than what they're getting.

Unfortunately, the bean counters at Fort Fumble are more interested in numbers than they are in people. Major Ziegenfuss has an excellent re-cap, as well as a pretty fair solution. We're still lookng for a decent link to the original Walter Reed story. Check back later.

What's really disgusting here is that illegal aliens can sneak across our borders and hospitals are required to provide them medical care without any hope of reimbursement. On the other hand, our military people come home with all sorts of health problems and the same government doesn't give a damn about them.

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At 3:17 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

The situation does make the argument against HITLERyCare for U.S., though.
Der Schtaat is always making messes, then making tracks, and washing its hands like Pontius Pilate. That's not the kind of hygene that makes for socialized medicine being worth the trillions likely to be wasted on it.
We can't expect a miopic, closet leftist like Prez.Johnny-Reb to do anything about the border, since he doesn't believe in borders, language or culture, and sees the wetbacks as "world citizens", not the moochers they are.


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