Final Post

It is with great regret that I report the passing of Master Doh-San earlier today. (I have the password so I can post here.) Unfortunately, there are no details yet.

He was getting on in age and even the simplest things were becoming a challenge.

Those who knew him, knew that he tried to lead an honorable life. He did what good he could when and where he could. He could at times be charming, obnoxious, clever, helpful, rude, or gracious. His greatest desire was to help people help themselves, usually by enlightening them. His greatest joy came from seeing "the light go on"; seeing people finally come to a point of understanding.

He never believed that anyone would miss him much after his passing. The only memorial that would mean anything to him would be for people to keep striving for enlightenment and to lead the good life.

At his request, his body is being donated for organ transplant and medical research, after which he will be cremated.

--The Old Sarge


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