So much stupidity in the world this week, and so little time to comment on all of it.

Hezbollah -- dedicated to the complete destruction of the state of Israel -- launches rockets out of Lebanon and Israel defends itself by striking back at selected targets. And Secretary of State Rice calls on Israel to show restraint? What the hell is in the water in DC?? How about calling on Hezbollah and their Iranian handlers to show more than just "restraint"?


Bush-hater Joe Wilson and his covert desk-jockey wife have filed suit against several Bush administration members for.... what? Some nonsense. Of course, you're supposed to overlook the fact that it's timed to get some cheap publicity for her soon-to-be-ghost-written coffee table book, which Bush-hating myrmidons everywhere will line up to buy but few will actually read.


Congress seems to be poised to actually do something about making a decision to possibly take some action that will maybe someday do a little something to ameleorate high energy prices, and the Watermelons (Green on the outside; Red on the inside) are whining about the environment. Can there be any doubt that if natural gas were found on the Moon, they'd complain about "damage" to the environment if someone wanted to mine it?


In May, Congress authorized the construction of a 370-mile-long wall along our southern border. But now they vote to not authorize any money to actually build it. Looks like they've all learned a lesson from Jean-Francois Kerry -- playing both sides of the issue so they can claim the "right" position before the voters.


GOP leadership is telling candidates to campaign on a platform of "fiscal discipline" and "cutting spending". This would be akin to Sick Willie Clinton preaching sexual abstinence. If what they've shown is "fiscal discipline", we'd hate to see their definition of a spendthrift.


At 10:16 PM, July 18, 2006, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

I remember something earlier this week about President Bush urging Congress to pass the line-item veto, so he could "cut the fat" out of budgets and such.
It seems the trouble is small-scale graff.
It's grown to such proportions it's interfering with, and being commonly mistaken for large-scale graff!


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