Stupid Quote Of The Week

Incredibly stupid. In this case, monumentally stupid.

Yesterday, as friends tried to comfort her, Rona Schrum said, "I will probably never understand why God has chosen to do that to me."

No, ma'am. God didn't do that. The gun didn't do that. Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar did that.

Grief is no excuse for stupidity. Put the blame where it belongs.

At the risk of pionting out the painfully obvious, of course, if Mr Shrum (or anyone else in the theatre) had had a gun, the outcome might have been a tad different.

Thanks and a nod of the head to Kim du Toit for calling our attention to this. (Note: Kim's site is being moved this week, and the normal link doesn't work all that well. As soon as he's back, we'll link to his article.)



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