Media Whores

(With apologies to Vox Day for stealing that expression.)

So much has been written about the brouhaha surrounding Ann Coulter's denunciation of these few individuals who have pimped themselves out to the extreme left wing of the Demoncrap Party that almost anything we'd write would be pretty much redundant. However, a few points remain to be made.

For one thing, the delightful Miss Coulter isn't doing anything that the Lunatic Left hasn't been doing since the '60s. (Although they do enjoy the advantage of having their drug-addled "brains" to use as a handy excuse for their sociopathic behavior and rhetoric.) We find nothing written or spoken by Miss Coulter to come even close to some of the vile rantings of the Lunatic Left.

True to form, Miss Coulter's detractors have no refutation of her facts, observations, or conclusions, engaging only in ad hominem attacks against her personally, using lies and distortions.

One of the glaring disparities between the Left and everyone else is that when someone not on the Left does go a bit "over the top", the rest of their crowd reins them in. Not so with the Left. Their most outrageous attacks are always defended on the grounds of "free speech". Well, free speech is not the same as cheap talk.

Of course, in typical fashion, what really infuriates these cretins is not her inflammatory rhetoric, but the fact that she is right. Using the tragic death of others to not only insulate themselves from criticism but also attack the very people who have at least tried to rectify matters is reprehensible in the extreme. One cannot help but wonder what the dearly departed must think of what is being said and done in their name.

Looking at The Larger Picture, there's a world of difference between quite rightly pointing out the moral deficiencies of those who would prostitute themselves and their dead for a political agenda, and engaging in the sort of empty-headed and despicable rantings of Moveon.org, Democraticunderground, and Err Amerika -- organizations dedicated to destroying America as we have known it and replacing it with nothing more than a Soviet-style concentration camp.

Now, if we could just get a couple of decent meals into Miss Coulter and put some curves on those bones....


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