The Supremes Get One Right

In all our recent reading, some links get lost. But surely this has been a big story. It seems someone finally got the Supreme Court to rule on the issue of the applicability of the 2nd Amendment. To the suprise of some and the dismay of others, the Supremes finally ruled that the 2nd Amendment actually applies to individuals and not the government.

Lest anyone get carried away celebrating, these masters of the obvious actually acknowledged what many of us have known for years. Anyone who has actually read the Constitution would understand this matter intuitively. Those of us who have bothered to study the Constitution have seen that the word "right" or "rights" occurs no less than 14 times. In every case except one, it refers to the rights of individual people. (Anyone care to guess what the lone exception is?) How, then, could anyone with more than three functioning brain cells come to the conclusion that the 2nd Amendment applies to "militias" and not individuals?

In other news, the Supremes also noted that fire is hot, the sun rises in the East, and electrical appliances should be kept away from the bathtub.



At 3:22 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Since a militia is a citizens' army, the whole leftist argument falls apart, but it's good to see SCOTUS finally calling one right for a change.


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