A Real Right-Winger, Huh?

Yeah, we always knew that that old Rupert Murdoch was a leader of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Why, he and that Fox News team have just been burning the midnight oil, trying to bring down the Clintons and ruin their grand plan to "help" us all.

He's such a right-wing nut job that he really coddles those ChiComs, too.

Two thoughts come to mind rather quickly: One is that people in power really like to keep power, and will do anything to hold onto it. Power truly does corrupt, and it tends to have a very corrosive effect on one's principles.

The other thought is that fanaticism is most notably marked by a lack of perpective (not to mention a lack of a sense of humor). The rabid left-wing nuts in this country are so busy excoriating Murdoch for being an "extreme right-wing" conservative that the fail to see how he's been aiding their cause.


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