More Lies From Hollyweird

(Hat tip to The Old Sarge for spotting this one.)

For some reason, the Hollyweird crowd just can't seem to help themselves. Maybe(?) it's A Very Good Thing that the writers are on strike. At least now, they're slipping more left-wing propaganda into their "entertainment". For a while, anyway.

Consider: In last evening's episode of "Criminal Minds", Joe Montegna's character delivers this little gem (speaking of this week's perp): "Like Bernie Goetz, riding the subways with a gun, waiting for someone to confront him."


For those who just fell off the turnip wagon -- but moreso for the hysterical hoplophobes of the Lunatic Left -- Bernard Goetz was hardly "riding the subways with a gun, waiting for someone to confront him". He was going about his own business, not bothering anyone until five young thugs decided to try to mug him. (Note to would-be young thugs: never take a screwdriver to a gunfight.) Instead of persecuting prosecuting him, the City of New York should have pinned a medal on him.

Of course, in some of the saner states (e.g. the so-called "wild West"), three or more persons perpetrating an assault are considered a "mob" and deadly force is sanctioned as a method of dealing with said mob.

Not that lefties are all that concerned with facts, mind you.

They Paid Money For That?

(Hat tip to Neal Boortz for this.)

And you thought only the US gummint could waste money like that?

Apparently, we're in the wrong line of work.


But Who's Gonna Milk 'Em?

Apparently, there's no idea too loony for the Lunatic Left to espouse. We really can't help but wonder just where they come up with this sort of nonsense.

This particular Useful Idiot actually manages to make her estranged husband look.... normal.


Snappy Comeback

Feminazis -- as is the case with all extremists -- are a humorless, soulless lot. And so it was that The Old Sarge found himself ogling a rather fine young specimen of feminine pulchritude, only to be chastised thusly by a near-by man-hater: "Don't you look at her like that!"

Quoth The Old Sarge: "Why? You jealous?"

Heh-heh. Nice.


Paybacks Are A Bitch

(One of Smokey's favorite sayings.)

Whilst browsing thru the blogs we've been exposed to before, we caught a rather interesting little gem about "former sexual predator" (and -- mercifully -- former "President" Sick Willie Clinton. Of course, there's nothing "former" about his sexually predatory nature, but that's grist for a different mill. A leopard never changes its spots, and all that.

What struck us was the author's use of the expression "Swift Boat" as a verb. The Dummycrats are getting all exercised about that, but.... tough cookies. It's beginning to look like "Swift Boating" is the Republicans' payback for the "Borking" that they've suffered at the hands of the MoveOn Moonbats over the last two decades.

As the saying goes: there's nothing that goes around that doesn't come around again.


Isn't It Sad?

Over 200 years ago, this country was founded by men who pledged "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor" to the cause.

And now you live in a tyranny run by people whose lives are dedicated to amassing a fortune at your expense and who have no honor.

God help Amerika.