Interesting Perspective

(Hat tip to Kim for this one.)

Deaths in the U.S.Armed Forces

-- during the first five years of the Clinton presidency: over 5,000
-- during the first five years of the GW Bush presidency: under 4,000

In all fairness, the second total just edged above 4,000 today.

Now why do you suppose you haven't heard anything about this in the lamestream media?


A Beautiful Gift

(No, this isn't about Easter. Vox Day already covered that quite nicely.)

Every once in a while, something happens in this wicked, depraved world that gives one a little ray of hope for humanity.

One can only imagine the anguish that this pitiful man endured for 24 years. Think about it the next time you get impatient waiting 24 seconds for a traffic light to change.


The Best Is None Too Good

Quote of The Week, courtesy of Lem at Hillbilly White Trash. (Don't let the name fool you.)

We've got three people with a realistic shot at becoming president and all of them are working overtime to prove to the American people just how utterly unqualified to hold the office they truly are.

Hillary Clinton tagged along with her husband when he was president.

John McCain managed to survive a POW camp.

B. Hussein Obama can give a damn fine speech, as long as someone else writes it for him.

In a nation of 300 million people, we couldn't do any better than this!?!?!

Very well put.


Casting Bread On The Waters

Virtue might be its own reward, but there are times when it brings other rewards. And so it was that we discovered, while trying to help Ted over at Life More Abundant with his comments, we discovered that the Comments function here had been somehow set to allow only those with a GMail address to comment. How that happened, we have no idea, but it has been corrected.