What If He Were A Republican?

Via Drudge:

BOSTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor Tuesday in what could be the grim final chapter in a life marked by exhilarating triumph and shattering tragedy. Some experts gave the liberal lion less than a year to live.

All sorts of unseemly thoughts come to mind, but we'll try to be civil here. We won't even bother to speculate on what Mary Jo Kopechne's family has to say (albeit privately) on the matter.

The one thought that does present itself is what would be said in the dominant media were the patient to be a prominent Republican. Worse yet, what would one find in the likes of DemocraticUnderground or MoveOn.org if it were a conservative Republican with the same malady?

Hypocrisy, thy name is liberalism.

The Victory No One Wants

Has it occurred to no one else that none of the Three Stooges currently "running" for POTUS actually wants to win? Take a close look at their behavior. At every turn, they've all been sabotaging their own candidacies. Now, why would that be?

Could it be because all three know that no matter who is in the Oval Office next January, a disaster of the worst sort it waiting? America probably passed the tipping point with the election of '96. It was really hard to believe that the people were stupid enough to repeat their mistake of '92.

And look at what has happened since. The National Debt long ago took on a life of its own. It will never be paid off. Pundits all across the spectrum blather on about how "manageable" the deficit is and how it's really not so bad. Taken in any isolated year, they're probably right. But year after year, it just keeps adding to the debt, fueled mostly by "entitlement" spending. Far too many Americans seem to believe that they're "entitled" to a comfortable life at someone else's expense.

The economy is in a sorry state. Of course, the numbers aren't in yet, and won't be until perhaps after the election. But the economy is already in recession nonetheless. Anyone with a minimal understanding of economics knows that.

On top of the economy is the size, scope, and cost of government. Someone pointed out a while back that there was a time when the only involvement the average citizen had with the federal government was when the mail got delivered. Try going through just one day without dealing with something the federal government has either mandated or prohibited.

And then there is the social fabric itself. Not a day goes by without some group of cretins somewhere whining about how their supposed "rights" have been violated. Or clamoring for the government to give them new "rights" that never existed and would be none of the government's business anyway.

No wonder none of the three really wants that mess. They're not quite that stupid.

God help America.