2010 State Of The Union Show

Never seen one. Won't watch this one.

However, for those masochistic enough to tune in but who don't want the hangover associated with the SOTU Drinking Game, we humbly suggest a look at The SOTU Bingo Game. Prizes at the discretion of the participants.

On a tangential note, one cannot help but wonder who would be the better at delivering the GOP response to the SOTU Show -- Scott Brown or Joe Wilson? :-}


Our Boys In Black-And-Blue

Is that a bottle of Mountain Dew in your pocket, or are you just scared to see us? RTWT.

One can't help but wonder where all those Big Brother street cameras are when travesties like this go down.

The really disgusting part? "(T)hree plainclothes officers have been reassigned during an internal investigation." They should have been suspended without pay. Let's see what happens after the whitewash "internal investigation" is completed.

Hell Hath No Fury

Let's make this cretin the poster boy for marital infidelity. Let's face it, if you're going to be in a high-profile public job, at least keep your pants zipped. He should have known when he took up with her that "if they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you.

That's a lot of fury if she blew $250,000 to exact her revenge.

Of course, he's a Democrat, so you'll see next to nothing about this in the lamestream media.


Dealing With Welfare Fraud

Now this is the way to do it. Best line from the whole article:
"The court found the man's entire family guilty in the disability swindle, convicting his father, mother and sister, as well."

It's good that the Court ordered the man to repay the $400,000 he had been paid, but it's troubling that nothing happened to the doctor who "accepted the man's claims of disability although allegedly he could never find anything wrong with the fraudster".


But Is He Registered To Vote?

So it appears that a cat up in Beantown has been summoned to jury duty. How this could have happened is anyone's guess, but it obviously involves some underqualified and overpaid government employee. The cat was listed by his family as a pet on their 2000 census form, but apparently someone in the County Clerk's office has a bit of difficulty differentiating between humans and pets. Or maybe ACORN registered the little guy to vote?

Of course, given the quality -- or lack thereof -- of jury verdicts over the years, this just might be an improvement. Heaven knows, Ming the Merciless is a better judge of character than most jury members. Although, given his temperament, he'd likely as not vote for the death penalty even in civil trials.

Blaming The Equipment

It's been said that it's a poor workman who blames his tools. So it should come as a surprise to no one that the current regime is doing exactly that.

Please forgive our cynicism, but it certainly seems that even the best equipment is worthless in the hands of idiots. To an unacceptably high degree, too many of the front-line government employees were not hired because they were qualified to do the work, but because they were eligible for some hiring program or another, based on their membership in some Officially Sanctioned Minority Group. Until that problem is taken care of, all the best equipment in the world won't help.

Bringing The Country Together

Even though we've held that a lot of recent "unintended consequences" are probably not all that unintended, it does appear that The Law of Unintended Consequences has never been repealed.

Witness The Teleprompter In Chief whining about how he still hasn't "brought the country together". The beauty of it is, though, that he has largely brought the country together. It's just that he's brought so many people from so many diverse quarters together in opposition to his plans to finish bringing Socialism to America.

You have to love it when a plan falls apart.


Quote Of The Year

OK, the year is yet young, but the ever-delightful Ann Coulter is certainly getting things off to a great start.

The money quote:
If liberals really want to keep people from hearing about God, they should give Him his own show on MSNBC.