A Convenient Untruth

It looks like former VP Algore has been taking filmmaking lessons from Michael Moore-on. Naturally, because it trashes the American system of capitalist free enterprise, all of Hollyweird is on board with the effort. Our recommendation is that if you miss only one movie this season, make sure this is it.

Of course, the collectivists who want to run your life don't want you to know that not everyone agrees with Algore and the rest of the Chicken Littles. Dissenting opinions here , here , and here should at least give one pause.

Not that the left-wing loonies have ever been overly concerned about facts. Or dissenting opinion. (The ultimate irony being when Al Bore himself was ranting about global warming in New York on a day when the temperature was the coldest it had been on that date in 50 years. We're beginning to think that one major cause of any global warming that might be occurring is all the hot air coming out of that cretin and his sycophants.)

The whole thing wouldn't be quite so bad if only these idiots could ditch their intellectual dishonesty long enough to admit that they don't really know the cause of -- or the cure for -- the slight uptick in global temperatures, but they're nonetheless concerned. That we could deal with.

Oh, Yeah. He'd Be Good

Already there's talk of Florida's Governor Jeb Bush running for President in 2008. His qualifications? No real word on that.

But the really big question to be answered is: just how stupid do the Republicans think the voters are? Bush ("No New Taxes") Senior was a huge disaster (although we must admit to having held our nose while voting for him. Junior is no better, and in some ways maybe even worse (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know). But suddenly, we're supposed to believe that Li'l Jeb is The Great White Hope? Not bloody likely.

Of course, it's all academic anyway. Everyone already knows who's going to be in the Oval Office in 2009. So anyone the GOP nominates will just be another sacrificial lamb.

The only chance this country has is for all the minor parties to make nice with each other and make common cause against the "bi-factional ruling party". This will call for a some compromise, but the result will be worth it. All they have to do is nominate someone (Ron Paul?) who can electrify the electorate. The way things are going, though, there's not much chance of that.


Does Anyone Remember?

And, if so, what do they remember?

Tomorrow is a day set aside by Congress to remember those who gave their lives for their country. Someone once said that there is no more noble profession than serving in the defense of one's country. That sounds just about right.

But, will anyone think of that tomorrow? Will anyone remember those who died at Valley Forge? Or the fields of Flanders? Or the beaches of Normandy? Guadalcanal?

Or is it just another day off from work?

(Apparently, the cretins at See-B-S are of the opinion that the only thing this weekend is good for is stirring up sentiment against the current administration by rubbing everyone's nose in the tragedies in Iraq. It's a despicable lot that uses the tragedies of others to further their own personal political agenda. Whether you agree or disagree with what's being done over there, those who are making the sacrifices should never be used as pawns in anyone's political game. It's Vietnam all over again.)


Not A Good Beginning

So, according ot the good folks at the Nashville Tennessean, some of the mindless myrmidons obsessed with the junior Senator from New York being this benighted country's first female president held a rally in the Volunteer State. Only one problem -- instead of the expected 200 people, only 20 showed up. It looks like Tennesseans are showing the same good sense that helped Algore lose the 2000 election.

It should be noted that 200 is a mighty low expectation for such a densely populated city as Nashville, considering how "popular" the Lunatic Left wishes us to believe that the Lizard Queen is.

Looks like it's a tough road ahead for the would-be Dictator For Life. And that's very good. Maybe there's hope for this country yet.


Capitol Hell

Louisiana's Democrat Congresscritter William Jefferson has his knickers in a twist because the FBI executed a search warrant in his office over the weekend. Gee, it's getting to the point where a crook just can't catch a break. Also discovered was 90 big ones in his freezer, neatly wrapped in aluminum foil. (Talk about your frozen assets!) No word yet on where the other 10K went.

Tellingly, even Republicans are decrying this bit of law enforcement. One cannot help but wonder why? What are they hiding? For some reason, people on both sides of the aisle are all up in arms about this, with even Speaker Hastert whining about the FBI executing a search warrant on a sitting member of Congress. Who did he think would perform the search? The Girl Scouts?

Mark Twain had it right: "It could probably be proven by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class. Except Congress."


South Of The Border

Apparently, in Mexico, what's sauce for the goose is not ssauce for the gander. We've previously pointed out the hypocrisy in Mexico's position on migration. Thanks to The Drudge Report for passing along this little tidbit on how foreigners and naturalized citizens are treated in Mexico.

And this is the country that would lecture the United States on immigration policy.


The President's New Clothes

OK, to begin with, you don't really we actually sat thru that, do you? We have much better ways of wasting out time. Thanks, though, to Neal Boortz for providing a synopsis.

There seem to be several problems with what the President tried to foist off on us as a "plan".

First and foremost, there is no sincere intent to secure the borders. This is sine qua non to resolving the current situation. Oh, he'll send some unarmed troops down there to push papers and sharpen pencils, but there won't be any increase in detentions or prevention of illegal crossings. It'll all be for show.

Secondly, in typical fashion for politicans, the President is trying to be all things to all people. This is insane. Pick a stance and have the guts to back it up. In this case, the correct stance to take is to live up to his oath of office and defend the United States from an invading force.

Thirdly, why shouldn't the United States militarize its southern border? Mexico has militarized its northern border.

There is, of course, no need for the "mass deportations" that proponents of illegal immigration are continually ranting about. Just take away the incentives for the illegals to come here and stay here, and they'll go home on their own. Problem solved.


More Religious Persecution

Just what part of "nor prohibit the free exercise thereof" do these cretins in Virginia not understand? Isn't The Old Dominion supposed to be the "birthplace of the Bill of Rights"?

One telling quote: "If he was having a square dance, nobody would have bothered him," noted Lindevaldsen, who said that she has read Bedford County's zoning ordinance.

Maybe he needs a few illegal aliens in the congregation to keep the gummint off his back.


Such A Quagmire!

Thanks to the good Capt Z for giving a much better perspective on how things are going in Iraq.

Now, why is it that those traitorous wretches over at ABCNNBCBS don't report this stuff?

Another Wrong Question

The folks over at Vote.com have an annoying habit of either asking the wrong questions, or not allowing for the proper answers. (We've pointed out, e.g., that almost all Libertarian ballots provide for our old friend NOTA -- None Of The Above.)

In this particular case, the question is whether the President is doing all that he can to bring down gas prices. As mentioned, this is the wrong question. The correct question to be asking is whether or not he's doing all that he should.

He could -- and probably should -- reign in the bureaucrats at the EPA to make the requirements for building refineries less draconian. It would also help if he could get them to reduce the number of mandated gasoline formulas from 55 to one (whichever is the least environmentally harmful).

And, of course, they only allow for a "Yes" or "No" answer. What about those who are unsure?

Children Having Children

This is wrong on so many levels. Where to begin?


Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Yet another ridiculous study pops up, purporting to show how mothers should be paid some outrageously high salary. This one even comes with a link to a salary calculator.

Unfortunately -- as you might imagine -- there is no explanation available as to how exactly these "salaries" are calculated. Nor is it explained how a mother manages to qualify as a psychologist (other than amateur), a facilities manager, or a CEO.

Indeed, most people could claim that their job entails quite a number of rather esoteric functions. Some time back, The Old Sarge noted that he should qualify as a babysitter, mediator, groundskeeper, management consultant, and systems analyst. Given that, his paycheck would have to be at least triple what it was.

It's always intriguing, of course, when people with a political agenda make these sorts of wild-eyed claims without revealing any of their raw data or methods of calculation.