Another Wrong Question

The folks over at Vote.com have an annoying habit of either asking the wrong questions, or not allowing for the proper answers. (We've pointed out, e.g., that almost all Libertarian ballots provide for our old friend NOTA -- None Of The Above.)

In this particular case, the question is whether the President is doing all that he can to bring down gas prices. As mentioned, this is the wrong question. The correct question to be asking is whether or not he's doing all that he should.

He could -- and probably should -- reign in the bureaucrats at the EPA to make the requirements for building refineries less draconian. It would also help if he could get them to reduce the number of mandated gasoline formulas from 55 to one (whichever is the least environmentally harmful).

And, of course, they only allow for a "Yes" or "No" answer. What about those who are unsure?


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