Andy Still Doesn't Get It

Like most of those on the Lunatic Left, Andy Rooney just can't figure out why this country has never had a female president.

How can it be "wrong" that we've never had a female president? Being better educated or "nicer" is mentioned no where in the Constitutional requirements for a president. Nor is there any sort of Constitutional affirmative action policy for gender equality in elected offices.

Instead of obsessing over the gender of this nation's Chief Executive, Andy and his ilk would be far better served by worrying about such things as a willingness to govern according to the Constitution -- something their favorite female candidate would never do.


At 9:24 AM, April 29, 2006, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Expecting Andy Rooney to think logically instead of socialistically is like thinking Niagara Falls should run backwards. Wouldn't it be a pissy, shitty shame if he'd start across a busy New Yakh street and get hit by a truck?
One guy was bragging on his blog that I stumbled across that he had been on the roof of the building smoking when Andy Rooney came out there. I think my comment was something like "Why didn't you invite him over to the edge and give him a good shove?"


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