Fouled-up Emergency Mismanagement Agency

Although we certainly applaud the recent calls for the abolishment of FEMA, we recognize two stumbling blocks.

First of all, government -- like nature -- abhors a vacuum. FEMA will most definitely not be abolished. It will simply be replaced by a "new" agency. ("New! Improved! Now with 20% less bureaucracy!")

The other stumbling block to this is that the "new" agency will be staffed with the same cretins who now work for FEMA. What? You thought all those thousands of bureaucrats were going to simply go into another line of work? If so, we've got a bridge in Brooklyn we'd like to sell you.

The obvious solution to this mess is the one that will never be implemented: abolish FEMA and let the states and localities do the job.

How did we ever manage before the Imperial Federal Government started doing everything for us?


At 9:18 AM, April 29, 2006, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Ain't it the truth!


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