Quote Of The Year, Part II

Trust Vox Day to come up with something like this:
And atheists wonder why Americans would rather vote for a one-legged black homosexual Mormon crack whore with a criminal record than an atheist.

Too good.


Maybe He's On To Something?

(Hat tip to the esteemed Neal Boortz for bringing this to our attention.)

While we don't agree with part of his solution, this young man certainly does have a grasp of the problem, much of which seems to be that people generally have been shielded from the natural consequences of their actions for far too long.

Euthanisizing the less-intelligent might solve part of the problem, but we find that a better solution would be to make sure that they suffer the consequences of stupidity. It would also help greatly if the public at large were to be made aware of not only the consequences, but the original act(s) as well.

But wait... Didn't we use to do that years ago?


If Everyone's A Winner....

...what's the point?

Some time ago, The Old Sarge passed along a flyer he had found, announcing yet another of those ridiculous "pageants". The twist this time was the declaration that "Everyone Receives A Trophy! Everyone Wins!".

Now, aside from what should be obvious damage done to young psyches by having their self-esteem all wrapped up in one superficial package at a very young age, we can't help but note with disdain the idiotic "everyone's a winner" aspect.

Has recent history taught these cretins nothing? Wasn't it back in the early '70s that this insane notion started taking hold? How can "everyone" be a winner if there are no losers? And if "everyone" wins, what's the point?

Maybe the real "winners" are the ones raking in up to $450 a pop as "entry fees". Nice racket.

What War On Drugs?

It seems we've let Mr. Chips and his story slip thru the cracks.

Imagine everyone's surprise that he actually got the job for which he was well more than minimally qualified. The one thing notable in all this by its absence was the now-customary pre-employment drug screening.

As they used to say in the '60s: what if they gave a war (on (some) drugs) and no one came?

Did someone somewhere have an epiphany and realize just how useless this whole exercise in trampling the Constitution really is and just give it up?

Or is it something more nefarious? Perhaps TPTB have decided that enough people have been cowed into subservience that drug tests are no longer necessary. Or perhaps the Global War On Terror has provided enough other opportunities that the expense of drug testing can be foregone.

Ah, yes... Amerika is at war with terror. Amerika has always been at war with terror.

Double-plus good.