If Everyone's A Winner....

...what's the point?

Some time ago, The Old Sarge passed along a flyer he had found, announcing yet another of those ridiculous "pageants". The twist this time was the declaration that "Everyone Receives A Trophy! Everyone Wins!".

Now, aside from what should be obvious damage done to young psyches by having their self-esteem all wrapped up in one superficial package at a very young age, we can't help but note with disdain the idiotic "everyone's a winner" aspect.

Has recent history taught these cretins nothing? Wasn't it back in the early '70s that this insane notion started taking hold? How can "everyone" be a winner if there are no losers? And if "everyone" wins, what's the point?

Maybe the real "winners" are the ones raking in up to $450 a pop as "entry fees". Nice racket.


At 7:28 AM, October 23, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Typical socialism: Makes everyone equally poor, except the shysters collecting the $450 taxes.
What a freaking rip-off!
Despite all the (false) accusations leveled at Ron Paul about how terrible a country this would be with all his policies implemented and no hammocks...I mean "safety nets" I'd prefer an opportunity state where everyone got the consequences of their bad decisions and reaped the rewards of their wise ones!
"Long live the cause of freedom!!!"


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