The Doctor Will See You.... NOW!

Comes now yet another story of left-wing lunacy from none other than hopeless Presidential candidate John "Breck Girl" Edwards (Dimwit, NC). Seems the ambulance chaser has decided that it's not enough to provide regular health care at someone else's expense, now he wants to provide preventive care as well. (How did this cretin ever get elected to the Senate? Did the voters in the Tarheel State get him confused with Liddy Dole?)

One of what should be the more obvious flaws in this scheme is the question -- raised by The Old Sarge right after the news broke -- of where this country will get enough doctors to provide preventive care to 300 million Americans.

Yeah, they never think of these things, do they? That seems to be the general problem with the left -- they appear to be unable or unwilling to think things thru to their logical conclusion.


At 11:09 PM, September 18, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

They don't think things through to their logical conclusion, because their reasoning processes are based on empty-headed emotionalism/feel-good-ism, not logic: Whatever is necessary to be comfortable now, tomorrow be damned, within the parameters of preconceived notions historically proven wrong, but constantly confessed in the face of all evidence to the contrary.
The most appropriate title for it was - ironically - coined by modern "conservatives" like Dubya: "Faith-based initiative"!


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