The Difference Between Men And Women

...is nowhere more sharply brought into focus than here and here.

One wants to serve his country, no matter what, and fights The Powers That Be to stay in; the other couldn't care less about serving her country and thumbs her nose at those she voluntarily entered into a contract with.

(Hat Tip to World Net Daily for juxtaposing these two stories.)


Reagan's Revenge

Heh-heh. Reagan always was the champion of smaller government. Looks like he finally got his wish (as we noted yesterday). And the very best part is that it happened on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Gipper. ;-)


Best Headline In Months

From the AP, via Yahoo:
Snow piles up, paralyzing nation's capital

Also, the best news in years. How's that song? "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...".

Considering all the snow jobs that have come out of Washington over the years, it's nice to see Mother Nature returning the favor.