The Ninny State

Just when did America become such a land of cowards, terrified of doing even the most manifestly correct of things?

So what if a few thin-skinned whiners take offense? Didn't it used to be that decent people would simply tell the whiners to "just shut up"?

Nowhere is modern cowardice more apparent than when watching someone trying to cross a speed bump. The Old Sarge was following some gutless wonder the other day and watched in frustration as this "driver" (and we use the term very loosely) came to a complete stop before inching over a speed bump that couldn't have been more than 4 inches high. And this in an SUV that you can watch climbing Pike's Peak in those mind-numbingly stupid commercials.

How did this country get to that point?

We're personally acquainted with one gentleman who has great difficulty speaking even the simplest of sentences. He seems to agonize over every word, as though deathly afraid of using one that might offend someone, somewhere.

Maybe the "home of the brave" has gone the same way as the "land of the free".

Sad isn't it?

God help America.



No Question About It

It's always interesting, reading the headlines on some of the "news" stories. For example: take this one from AP:

"VP Debate Moderator's Impartiality Questioned"

The story concerns a talking head from PBS (that bastion of conservative thought) who will be "moderating" the upcoming "debate" between the two dominant-party VP candidates (where, by the bye, are the VP candidates from the other parties???).

The mere fact that she works for the Propaganda Broadcasting System leaves no question about her impartiality. Only a fool would believe that she has any.