Getting It Upside-Down

Who's to say that this wasn't developed by a government bureaucrat?

The dumbing down of America continues apace. If they wanted the cans stackable, why not change the bottom to stack inside of the unchanged top? Maybe it's because someone already has. These appear to be those same cans, only upside down. So either the whole thing was thought up by an idiot, or the labels were put on upside-down.

Somehow, we get the impression that the clerk was either A) kidding, or B) talking thru his hat.



At the risk of invoking Rule 5*, we just had to link to this video of Fox News hottie Pattie Ann Brown. Admittedly, we don't watch much TV, and have only occasionally caught bits and pieces of Fox News when visiting friends or traveling. But the only (vague) memories we have of Ms. Brown are of her being a skosh more.... erudite. Still and all, the video is a knee-slapper, with the pay-off at the end. It's good to see a reporterette with a sense of humor.

(*Well, at least we don't have any Ann Coulter bikini shots.)


Here We Go Again.....

Once again, we have some little twit regretting what she did and then making a false accusation of rape. Have these idiots learned nothing from the Duke scandal?

What's obviously needed here is for someone to come down on this cretin, hard. Make an example of her so that no one else will be tempted to pull the same stunt. This should have been done years ago, but better late than never.

At least in this case, the District Attorney (a woman!) is willing to consider the idea of criminal charges against this liar, even though she has made no firm decision. As of this morning, we haven't heard anything further, but maybe word will come this evening or tomorrow.

What's particularly disgusting here is that the true victims in this debacle now have their names splattered all over the Intarwebz, while the actual criminal hides behind a cowardly wall of anonymity*.

To no one's surprise, Hofstra's Vice President of Propaganda University Relations is bending over backwards to avoid being "judgemental" toward this little miscreant:
To the Members of the Hofstra Community:

We have been notified by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office that the young woman involved in the alleged rape incident has recanted her claims against the five young men.

This week has been a very difficult one for our entire community, and we will need time to heal and understand the events of the last few days. As additional information becomes available we will post it on the University home page.
"For our entire community"??? How about "for the four innocent young men who were falsely accused"? Yeah, just be sure that you don't say anything that might hurt her pwecious widdle feewings. Can't have that.

Perhaps what we need to do is formulate an appropriate response that would actually address the real problem and forward it to the VP? We should work on that this evening. Should be fun.

UPDATE: Apparently, the young woman's name was Danmell Ndoye, according to a story over at The False Rape Society.

The Root Of All Evil

It looks like we finally have a little insight into exactly why auto makers are having a hard time and "needed" a bailout.

When the top guys -- including an exec making more in one year than most people make in a lifetime -- can't even manage his own finances, how can anyone expect that he could ever possibly run a huge corporation?

Pay no mind to that man behind the curtain executive desk.


Cooling With Hot Air

Oh, this should really help: another group of mindless myrmidons has jumped on the AGW bandwagon and decided that they can stop global warming by singing about it.

Uh-huh. Yeah, this should work. After all, "We Are The World" has done so much to relieve famine in Africa since 1985.

If these cretins really wanted to ameliorate "global warming", they'd just shut up. We're convinced that most of the admittedly miniscule rise in global temperatures is directly attributable to all the hot air coming from self-important celebritards and politicians.


How Not To Get Rescued

Apparently, the dumbing-down of the sheeple continues apace, even Down Under.

One can only be glad that this turned out OK. It might have been much worse. But we wonder why it didn't occur to those girls that dialing 000 (the Aussie variant of 911) would have been much simpler, faster, and more productive than updating Farcebook.


Ain't That A Shame! (Part II)

Article in Wednesday's Times-Free Press laments the fact that the city budget for this year is down $2.5 million from last year (without noting that that's only a 3.6% reduction). This is causing a hiring freeze for 93 city government positions and a cut of six more. Quoth Hizzoner the Mayor: "There is pain in this budget. Everyone is struggling and suffering to some degree."

You mean (Gasp!) the city is actually going to have to live within its means???

Oh, the humanity! Never mind that the rest of us have been "struggling and suffering" for quite some time now, due largely to the inability and/or unwillingness of government at all levels to not only live within its means but also limit itself to its proper role.

In all fairness, the Scenic City does seem to be doing marginally better than most cities of comparable size, mostly because Southerners are not all that fond of large government. But if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And we do note that part of the "struggling and suffering" they city is doing involves cutting some essential services; e.g. closing down police precincts. But no word on reducing funding for "public art"* or non-essential projects like fixing up the riverfront.

(*On a positive note, it appears that none of "public art" involves anything quite so hideous as Albuquerque's infamous "Chevy On A Stick".)