Ain't That A Shame! (Part II)

Article in Wednesday's Times-Free Press laments the fact that the city budget for this year is down $2.5 million from last year (without noting that that's only a 3.6% reduction). This is causing a hiring freeze for 93 city government positions and a cut of six more. Quoth Hizzoner the Mayor: "There is pain in this budget. Everyone is struggling and suffering to some degree."

You mean (Gasp!) the city is actually going to have to live within its means???

Oh, the humanity! Never mind that the rest of us have been "struggling and suffering" for quite some time now, due largely to the inability and/or unwillingness of government at all levels to not only live within its means but also limit itself to its proper role.

In all fairness, the Scenic City does seem to be doing marginally better than most cities of comparable size, mostly because Southerners are not all that fond of large government. But if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And we do note that part of the "struggling and suffering" they city is doing involves cutting some essential services; e.g. closing down police precincts. But no word on reducing funding for "public art"* or non-essential projects like fixing up the riverfront.

(*On a positive note, it appears that none of "public art" involves anything quite so hideous as Albuquerque's infamous "Chevy On A Stick".)


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