A Ruly Mob

What follows is something we posted over on Facebook, the the discussion forum for The People's Mob. (As soon as their actually Web site is up, we'll link to it. For now, it exists only on Facebook.)

By all means, let's go after TPTB and hold their feet to the fire. However, let's do it in such a way that our behavior is above reproach. Let's face it, the dominant "news" media are going to to twist things around no matter what we do. Let's not give them any ammunition.

Go back and read about the Peaceful Revolution in Czechoslovakia and eastern Germany. Look at how well-behaved the people were. WE CAN DO THE SAME THING HERE!

One of the most unsettling things for our adversaries is when we refuse to be baited. Especially if we show up to their scripted "town hall" meetings -- readily identifiable in some way -- and simply remain silent.

As a side note, what we need at this point is some readily identifiable symbol; something small yet noticeable. Any ideas?

Update: A few ideas were kicked around regarding a symbol. As we noted in the discussion, eagles and flags are all well and good, but The Ruly Mob needs something more unique. Our own suggestion was a 3-cornered hat with a red-white-and-blue cockade, similar to what the colonists wore. Since they too were fighting to throw off the oppressive yoke of a tyrannical government, the symbolism seems quite appropriate.


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