You're Fired!

It's no secret that we have no use for all the ridiculous "beauty" pageants. (As we've said for years, there's a world of difference between true beauty and mere attractiveness.) However, we don't mind commenting on things that merit comment, especially when it involves the machinations of the collectivists to silence their opponents.

Case in point: the recent kerfuffle involving Miss Whatever from California who was ambushed by a hot-topic question and handled it acceptably well. Naturally, the Usual Suspects were screaming for her head on a platter, demanding that she be fired for not agreeing with their stance on same-sex "marriage".

In a recent twist, the young lady did get fired, but not for the favored reason. (Apparently, it was for not showing up at scheduled appearances. We have no problem with that. One should fulfill one's contractual obligations.)

So who is her replacement? Another young lady who agrees with her stance on the subject in question. Such delicious irony.

No doubt the Left Wing Lunatics are getting their knickers in a twist over this. Looking at The Bigger Picture, who really cares what some "beauty" queen has to say on.... anything, really? Although it does make for a rather hilarious battleground in the culture war.

The real irony here is that Ms. Prejean should have been disqualified. But not for her view on marriage. And not for those silly pictures. She should have been disqualified on the basis of her enhancement surgery. Or don't they have an "all natural" rule? (If they don't, they should.)

Still, it's hysterically funny that the Lefties did everything they could to get Ms. Prejean tossed out and her replacement holds exactly the same views.

(By the bye, is Perez Hilton on suicide watch yet?)


At 1:33 AM, June 27, 2009, Blogger Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Perez Hilton got his ass kicked recently for trying to force his views on/impose his wet fantasies on will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas...Maybe he'll wake up, but I doubt it. Details on my blog.
What is it with these whackjobs that they can't keep their private affairs that way? Pure stupidity or just plain ignorance?
It doesn't seem to register with them that NORMAL sex involves the possibility for reproduction, which is kind of a natural slap-in-the-face to their dumb-ass habit. It's also why people don't appreciate little atheist flamers running about shoving it at them!


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