Who Is John Galt?

There have been some rumblings in the blogosphere about "going Galt" -- a reference to Ayn Rand's seminal work on libertarianism. For those unfamiliar with the tome, we highly recommend a reading of it. The best would be to set aside a weekend in order to read it all the way through in as short a time possible.

The expression, of course, refers to the phenomenon of productive people dropping out of the rat race and going "off the grid" and leaving the parasites to fend for themselves. At the time of Rand's writing, the "movers and shakers" were considered to be those at the top of the economic food chain. In the intervening half-century, however, things have changed. And not for the better.

Back in '92, Ross Perot pointed out that the differential between the highest- and lowest-paid workers in any industry hovers around 250 to 300. In other industrialized countries (e.g. Germany and Japan), the differential is one-tenth that.

Added to the mix is the fact that we no longer live in a capitalistic society. What we labor under in this country is -- to borrow a phrase from the esteemed Vox Day is "corporatism". And the real movers and shakers are not the wheeling-and-dealing corporate parasites at the top of the economic food chain, but the front-line workers who produce the products and provide the services that power our economic engine.

We've detected a growing sentiment among these real workers to "go Galt" and stop supporting this corrupt system. Fortunately, they are not stupid enough to support the socialist "solutions" being foisted upon us all by the Lunatic Left. Raising the Minimum Wage doesn't really help when the government keeps inflating the money supply and sapping one's buying power. And the big wigs giving themselves huge raises and bonuses further undermines any real solution.

Let's face it: the only real solution is going to be when He whose right it is to rule this world returns. Until then, we're stuck with half-measures. One of which will be "going Galt".

It was only recently that we came upon this little gem that does a good job of explaining how the real economy works (versus how the "economists" want you to think it works). All that's necessary is for all the little John Galts to start dealing in the "grey market" and the red and pink markets just might collapse under their own weight. And good riddance to bad rubbish.


At 4:16 PM, July 25, 2009, Anonymous Mr. Chips said...

Remember when they laid off people over at Potemkin Place Mall? Everyone was scrambling around, trying to do the same amount of work with fewer people. Not me. I didn't say anything openly, but in our little circle I said that if they wanted more work out of me, they'd have to pay me more money. They didn't pay me any more money, so I didn't increase my output.

Fair's fair.

At 7:02 PM, August 02, 2009, Blogger Ted Amadeus said...

That's what's happening all over.
The OMFR corporatist fatcats in charge - the James Taggarts of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged in our day and time - are throwing people out on the street and hiring wetbacks, or expecting everybody else to do the job.
That'll only motivate an individual to "do just enough work to not get fired", as Peter Gibbons put it.


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