Let Them Try Doing It

One constant thorn in the eye of freedom-loving people is the penchant -- nay, obsession -- of the cretins in government to promulgate rules that all the rest of us have to live by. In some cases, it borders on the bizarre. In too many cases, it goes beyond that.

There was a joke floating around in the days before the Internet about a farmer who had been advised by some idiot bureaucrat (apologies for the redundancy) about a stream that flowed through the rancher's property. The idiot bureaucrat (apologies again) informed the rancher that although his cattle would be allowed to drink from the stream, they would not be allowed to relieve themselves in it.

Speaking to the local cattlemen's association, the rancher remarked, "I pretty much understand that rule. And I'm pretty sure you do, too. But I'm having the Devil's own time trying to explain it to those cows."

Comes now word that a rancher out in Horse Springs has been notified by TPTB that instead of branding cattle the old-fashioned way, he must now begin attaching tags with micro-chips to the animals.

Of course, the idiot bureaucrat (apologies again) works in some windowless room in Washington and has most likely never been within a quarter-mile of a live cow in his/her life. And knows nothing about ranching. How typical.

We'll forgo the usual repetition of the rancher's rant against the idiot bureaucrats (apologies again) in Washington for the nonce.

In the spirit of culpae poenae par esto, we have come up with a solution that should put the kibosh on this sort of foolishness. Permanently. To wit:

Every time some idiot bureaucrat (apologies again) comes up with another one of these hare-brained schemes, they'll have to actually travel to where the work has to be done and do it themselves for a month.

One month of trying to tag cattle with micro-chips should be enough to do it.

And just think of all the fun things that they've come up with for the rest of us to do. The possibilities for entertainment are endless.



At 7:33 PM, July 04, 2009, Blogger Ted "Galt-in-Da-Box" Amadeus said...

Here's a funnier idea: Can you imagine how often that damn bureaucrat would get kicked by the cows he was trying to tag?
Wouldn't it be a shame if he got it right in the "family parrot"?


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