Here We Go Again.....

Once again, we have some little twit regretting what she did and then making a false accusation of rape. Have these idiots learned nothing from the Duke scandal?

What's obviously needed here is for someone to come down on this cretin, hard. Make an example of her so that no one else will be tempted to pull the same stunt. This should have been done years ago, but better late than never.

At least in this case, the District Attorney (a woman!) is willing to consider the idea of criminal charges against this liar, even though she has made no firm decision. As of this morning, we haven't heard anything further, but maybe word will come this evening or tomorrow.

What's particularly disgusting here is that the true victims in this debacle now have their names splattered all over the Intarwebz, while the actual criminal hides behind a cowardly wall of anonymity*.

To no one's surprise, Hofstra's Vice President of Propaganda University Relations is bending over backwards to avoid being "judgemental" toward this little miscreant:
To the Members of the Hofstra Community:

We have been notified by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office that the young woman involved in the alleged rape incident has recanted her claims against the five young men.

This week has been a very difficult one for our entire community, and we will need time to heal and understand the events of the last few days. As additional information becomes available we will post it on the University home page.
"For our entire community"??? How about "for the four innocent young men who were falsely accused"? Yeah, just be sure that you don't say anything that might hurt her pwecious widdle feewings. Can't have that.

Perhaps what we need to do is formulate an appropriate response that would actually address the real problem and forward it to the VP? We should work on that this evening. Should be fun.

UPDATE: Apparently, the young woman's name was Danmell Ndoye, according to a story over at The False Rape Society.


At 2:28 PM, September 25, 2009, Blogger Ted Amadeus said...

Gee, I wonder if Ms. "Ndoye" (I hope I'm pronouncing that properly) is here legally?
Ever notice how more than half these wolf-criers are so coyote-ugly the dude would have to be hammered to want to knock boots with 'em anyway!?


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